Agüero, Casillas, Eriksen and other footballers who suffered from heart disease

Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero joined a long line of footballers who had to leave the fields for a period because they suffered from heart disease.

The Argentine striker had to retire due to this and only a group of footballers they have been able to return to the courts after suffering from heart disease.

What is cardiac arrhythmia?

Cardiac arrhythmia is a disorder that alters the rate of a person’s heartbeat; It can be of three types, tachycardia (the heart beats too fast), bradycardia (that the heart beats too slow) or the heart rhythm is irregular.

Media in Spain reported that this is the condition that Agüero has, but Barcelona did not confirm this; the striker suffered from this disease when he was a child.

Players who returned to the courts

On few occasions a player has managed to recover from a heart disease and pass the necessary tests to be discharged from sports.

Daley blind

Inflammation of the heart muscle was detected in the Dutch defender in December 2019 and had to undergo surgery to put a pacemaker.

He was out for several months, but for the 2020-21 season he was able to resume his career and participated in Euro 2020.

Antonio Cassano

The former striker underwent surgery in 2011 for a defect in the atrial septum of his heart, a congenital disease that prevented the septum, the muscular wall that separates the left and right ventricles of the heart, from closing properly.

After several months of recovery, Cassano was able to return to the courts and retired in 2018.

Lucas silva

Arrhythmia was detected during his medical examination to sign with Sporting Lisbon in the summer of 2016 and that caused his hiring to be unsuccessful.

He was off the courts for a year, but Silva passed the necessary tests and I was able to resume his career; He currently plays in the Guild of Brazil.

He was away a few months after he had pericarditis, a disease that causes inflammation of the lining of the heart; Thanks to the fact that the condition was detected in time, he had a short recovery and did not miss many games.

Players who withdrew

Iker Casillas and Lilliam Thuram are among the many players who had a heart problem and had to retire; The Spanish goalkeeper had a heart attack during training in 2019 and after a year of trying to return to the courts, he was forced to hang up his boots in 2020.

Thuram was about to sign with PSG in 2008 when the medical examination revealed that he had a heart malformation and decided to retire because his brother, who was a basketball player, died of this condition.

‘Kun’ joined these footballers in retiring after suffering from heart disease; In the event of his farewell, he assured that he still had hope of returning to play, but that the doctors were the ones who recommended that he hang up the boots.

Eriksen case

Christian Eriksen went into cardiac arrest during a Euro 2020 match and due to the reaction of the Danish National Team medical staff, a tragedy was avoided.

The Danish midfielder had to undergo surgery to put a portable defibrillator on his heart and his return to the pitch remains in doubt.


Antonio de Nigris and Marc-Vivien Foé died because a heart condition was not detected in time.