Aislinn Derbez boyfriend Mauricio Ochmann is a better photographer than the former

  • Turn on social networks by appearing with a new heartthrob.
  • He indirectly shoots his former partner Mauricio Ochamann.
  • We tell you who his new love is.

Aislinn Derbez introduces boyfriend. Many things circulate in social networks, which cause a great stir, such was the case of the beloved Aislinn Derbez, because she decided to make public the moment that has had a great impact on her life, it is her new love partner. The actress and former Mauricio Ochmann shared a post accompanied by a photograph where a leading man appears next to her and it is indeed her new love partner.

After having gone through the break with Mauricio Ochmann, Aislinn decided to open her heart again to her love life, finding a man who fills her with happiness, fulfillment and, well, her new relationship suits her quite well, as soon as she did. public his courtship several Internet users reacted to the news.

The moment when Aislinn Derbez breaks the silence after the rumor of her supposed new partner

Photo: Instagram

Actress Aislinn Derbez took advantage of the commotion she caused by uploading a photograph holding someone else’s hand to clarify who it is, and she joked that her loving companion is actually her father, the comedian Eugenio Derbez.

“Last night I uploaded a photo that caused a lot of speculation and well, I think it is time for me to tell you who I am with, he is someone very important in my life that I love very much”, the also model began by saying in an Instagram story.

The beautiful model revealed who the mysterious man was. Aislinn Derbez introduces boyfriend

Aislinn Derbez introduces boyfriend
Photo: Instagram

“Well, finally, I’m going to introduce you to this great gallant I’m with…. Oh right, what did they think! “the actress joked. Well, when he returns to holding hands on the table, it is observed that his companion is Eugenio Derbez. “Morbid, morbid,” replied the famous comedian between smiles while Aislinn laughed in the background.

During a weekend that she spent in Valle de Bravo Mexico, the model shared a quiet trip with her little daughter Kailani, however, among the things they did, a postcard could be seen where she captured her hand intertwined with that of another person. The black and white photography portrayed what appeared to be a candlelight dinner and two plates, in addition to hands holding each other and an emoji of a face with hearts, according to Infobae.

Aislinn Derbez’s new love couple

Aislinn Derbez introduces boyfriend
Photo: Instagram

Aislinn Derbez introduces boyfriend. Aislinn Derbez has always tried to keep her personal life away from the attention of the media, but she also likes to share with all her followers when she is having a very good time, so much has been said about the mysterious boy on social networks.

For several months, followers of Aislinn Derbez have speculated that she has a new boyfriend after divorcing her daughter’s father, Mauricio Ochmann. After keeping her current romance quiet, the actress today revealed that her new partner is Jonathan Kubben, known for his content on social media such as ‘Mom, I’m fine’.

Jonathan Kubben is the new sentimental partner of Eugenio Derbez’s daughter

Jonathan Kubben is the new sentimental partner of Eugenio Derbez's daughter
Photo: Instagram

On the first occasion that Eugenio Derbez’s daughter decides to speak openly about her romance and officially introduce Kubben, she confessed to the magazine ‘Who’ that her story is not recent: “We are already going to be nine months old because it was like immediately. It has been a very interesting story, full of growth ” Aislinn accepted that this relationship came at the ideal moment and that it has meant constant learning for both of them, since both have achieved a very strong connection.

According to Quien magazine, for 22 weeks, on her trip to Guatemala with her brother Vadhir Derbez and actor Alosian Vivancos, the actress and Jonathan were already dating, although at that time she decided to refer to him as one of her friends and part of his “dream team”.

Internet users were quick to react to Aislinn Derbez’s relationship

Internet users were quick to react to Aislinn Derbez's relationship
Photo: Instagram

In Aislinn’s official account they made comments full of congratulations and very good wishes, because for her followers and many of the celebrities it was time for the beautiful actress to open the doors of her heart to love, since she went through a bitter drink after her relationship with actor Mauricio Ochmann.

“There is great depth in your words that are true and wonderful, you have to live each day to the fullest”, “Congratulations, beautiful you deserve it”, “You deserve all the happiness in the world”, “You are much better than Mauricio”, “What They look happy “,” He’s cooler than Mauricio “, are some of the comments that are read in Aislinn’s publication.

But … Who is Jonathan Kubben ?. Aislinn Derbez introduces boyfriend

But ... Who is Jonathan Kubben?
Photo: Instagram

Aislinn Derbez introduces boyfriend. Jonathan Kubben is a famous influencer who travels the world always with his message “Mom, I’m fine” dedicated to his mother who is Mexican, while his father is from Belgium. He is currently a motivational speaker and lives in Los Angeles, California, but before that he worked in companies that give consultancy services to embassies and resigned to travel around the world.

Kubben was characterized by being a great athlete since childhood, because when he was only 14 years old he was a professional swimmer and won third place in the National Swimming Championship in Belgium. Although his future in the sport was promising, it was a shoulder injury that prevented him from continuing.

Through his Instagram account Jonathan Kubben also boasted of his relationship with Aislinn Derbez

Through his Instagram account Jonathan Kubben also boasted of his relationship with Aislinn Derbez Mauricio Ochmann
Photo: Instagram

“This is not what you think. Not even what we believe. We do not know if it comes out of a fairy tale or if we are in a parenthesis of our lives. ⠀ All I know is that I am immensely happy when we are together like this “, Kubben expressed in the caption of the photograph that he decided to post. The reactions of the fans were immediate and many sent them their good wishes at this stage in his life.

One of the passions that Derbez and Kubben share is travel and in 2022 you will learn about all the adventures they have had together on romantic getaways or accompanied by friends and even next to Kailani, her daughter with Mauricio Ochmann. In the photos together you can see that there is love and it is good.

A shoulder accident stopped Jonathan Kubben’s dreams

A shoulder accident stopped the dreams of Jonathan Kubben Mauricio Ochmann
Photo: Instagram

That accident gave her life a 180 degree turn and she entered the world of modeling. He competed in the ‘Best Model of the World’ contest, where he won the award for the best smile. Thanks to this award, the doors of the fashion industry were opened to her and she moved to New York to continue her modeling work while studying.

According to the magazine Quien after finishing his studies, his mother suffered an accident and, to support her, he decides to become a poker player. “I got stuck in the subject and started to study a lot about poker, I read books and theories and little by little I began to improve.” He expressed during an interview with the magazine. Filed Under: Aislinn Derbez Introduces Boyfriend.

Thus arose the idea of Mom i’m fine

This is how the idea of ​​Mom I'm Fine Mauricio Ochmann came about
Photo: Instagram

In an exclusive interview for a show program, it was reported that after that lesson, he decided to work in a company that was engaged in consulting to embassies. Six years ago, Jonathan decided to quit his job and sell his car to pursue his true dream: to travel the world.

Although at first his mother disagreed, he was able to show that everything can come true as long as there is passion, dedication and commitment. This is how it is born Mom i’m fine, a concept that led Jonathan Kubben to travel the world and experience different extreme situations.

Jonathan and Aislinn splurge honey on social media

Jonathan and Aislinn waste honey on social networks Mauricio Ochmann
Photo: Instagram

Both have shared photos together in different destinations for several months, but they also made an effort to defend the image that they were just friends. The actress was also romantically related to Alosian Vivancos, known for his work in the series Club de Cuervos where he gave life to “Aitor Cardoné”.

Eugenio Derbez’s daughter has argued on different occasions that she preferred not to uncover if she had a new boyfriend after her divorce with Mauricio Ochmann, because she thought that people would criticize her for her decisions, as well as having to maintain various details of her life in private to avoid bad comments.

Mauricio Ochmann denies controversy of his cheating on Eugenio Derbez’s daughter

Mauricio Ochmann denies controversy of his cheating on Eugenio Derbez's daughter
Photo: Instagram

Instagram users speculate that the actor followed Paulina Burrola since 2019 and that he has filled his profile with likes since then. If so, the protagonist of ‘El Chema’ would have entered into communication with the young woman when he was still married to Aislinn Derbez. “No good! For everything they invent, they give flight to the thread. But let’s say it was my strategy, because obviously I started to follow it like in January of this year, and then obviously I started liking it ”, said the actor in an interview.

According to the magazine ‘Hola’, the actor stressed that when he decided to start a relationship with his new girlfriend, he told Aislinn about the situation so that she would know. In addition to this, he said that he maintains a good interaction with the mother of his daughter. Filed Under: Aislinn Derbez Introduces Boyfriend. Some images of this note come from the following video.

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