Aislinn Derbez claimed her boyfriend for a comment: “What do you mean you don’t know me?”

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Aislinn derbez and Jonathan Kubben They made their courtship official through a photograph and a message they shared on social networks, a space where the influencer commented, jokingly, that he did not know the actress, so she complained to him.

After several months shrouded in mystery to find out if they had a romantic relationship, Aislinn Derbez and Jonathan Kubben confirmed their romance with a tender photograph that quickly went viral on the internet. The news did not take several by surprise, since in recent months they had both shared photos and videos together, especially from the trips they made to Switzerland and Guatemala.

Along with the romantic postcard, Eugenio Derbez‘s eldest daughter wrote a text where she acknowledged that she started a relationship with the content creator and thanked him for both the time and the experiences they have lived together.

(Capture: @ aislinnderbez / Instagram)
(Capture: @ aislinnderbez / Instagram)

Thank you Jonathan for the laughter, the adventures, the fun and the love that you have brought into my life. Since I met you, I was too surprised by your creativity, your intelligence, your very different way of living life through everything you do. We don’t know how long it lasts, but NOW is too chingooón” wrote.

The publication caused a sensation among its thousands of followers, who left their impressions in the comment box. From this space, Jonathan Kubben reacted, in a sarcastic way, to the message that his girlfriend left him: “I don’t know her. It’s Photoshop“, wrote.

Minutes later, Aislinn Derbez read the phrase her partner wrote to her and claimed her as part of the game. The influencer, known on social media as Mom, I’m fine, He shared in his Instagram stories the video that the actress herself recorded while questioning him about it and both took the situation with grace.

How do you not know me and what is Photoshop?Aislinn began, prompting laughter from both of them. “Well OK. It’s well done. This is also fakeKubben said as he pointed to his clothes, which were part of a wardrobe he wore while filming a production. “It’s not me, you took my picture. He’s an actor”He added.

Would Jonathan dress like this?”Continued the content creator. “No”, answered bluntly the protagonist of Bad. Jonathan’s reaction to his girlfriend’s comments did not stop there, as he wrote about the stories: “Could it be that you did not like the comment I left on your post?“, With which he joked about the attitude he showed.

Without further ado, the couple followed up on the recordings where the influencer was participating. Aislinn Derbez also shared on her Instagram stories a short panoramic video of the location where they were while a simulation of an accident was taking place.

Aislinn Derbez and Jonathan Kubben
(Photo: Instagram / @ jonathankubben)

Many artists reacted to Aislinn Derbez’s new romance. Just a few minutes were enough for his comment box to be filled with messages of love and good wishes for both of you. One of the most striking was the one who left Vadhir derbez, because the users of the platform called him a jealous brother.

Lots of laughs ehhh jijiji jujuju“Said the 30-year-old actor. “A little jealous”, “Leave the jealousy of brother, Vadhir“,” Jealous brother “,” Vadhir is jealous “, were some responses he received along with laughing emojis.

Aislinn Derbez started this new romance after she announced that she had separated from her ex-husband Mauricio Ochmann. During their marriage, the actors had a daughter named Kailani, so they remain in contact and have a cordial relationship, as they have shown on social networks.


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