Aislinn Derbez shares an incredible trip in Ibiza with Renata Notni

Aislinn Derbezdaughter of actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez, shared through his official Instagram account that he was enjoying an incredible day at the beach in Ibiza, Spain. But she was not alone, she was accompanied by the actress Renata Notni and other friends.

In the actress’s publications, they can be seen enjoying some delicious sea dishes and then it is seen that the two celebrities went to one of the renowned nightclubs of the Spanish city. In addition to the photos, Aislinn shared a video in which you can see how well they spent the night.

He accompanied the content with a message in which he affirms that it was an excellent weekend and took the opportunity to promote the new film for the Netflix platform in which he acts alongside Renata Notni.

Aislinn Derbez announces the premiere of the new film in which she will star

Aislinn Derbez promotes her new Netflix movie. Aislinn Derbez’s mother.

He was seen with the actress Renata Notni since he was collaborating with her as the leading actress in the film What fault is karma? that tells the experiences of two sisters that include romantic encounters, comic situations and how they face the results of their actions or what Buddhists call Karma.

It is known that this film that will be released on Netflix has the producer Juan Uruchurtu and is directed by Elisa Miller and it is planned to be available on the platform next August. Learn more about the work of the actresses in AmericanPost.News.

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Who is Aislinn Derbez’s mother?

Aislinn Derbez’s mother.

Although the talented actress Aislinn Derbez has been seen in the company of her father and her brothers, more than she was part of the reality show Traveling with the Derbezthe appearances of the young woman’s mother have been almost nil.

Is about Gabriel Michael and she’s a well-known voice actress, so she’s also been a huge influence on Aislinn’s career. Her mother separated twice from Derbez and the second time was permanently. She would be Derbez’s first wife, after her relationship with Victoria Ruffo, whom she says she still resents.

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