Alaïa, the daughter of Adamari López and Toni Costa, celebrates Halloween with a photo shoot

Halloween is getting closer and closer Alaïa Costa López, the daughter of Adamari López and Toni Costa, has already dressed up to start celebrating this day in which it is common for people to wear outfits that refer to characters that can cause fear.

The 7-year-old girl posed in a black dress and boots of the same color and wore a headband with bats, something very traditional to see these days. Through a video in reel format, with music associated with the festivity, the photos of Alaïa were shown posing against a purple background, with more bats and white pumpkins with terrifying faces.

“I really enjoy Halloween. Do you like this time? ”, Was the message that accompanied the video on Alaïa’s account, which is supervised and managed by her parents.

“I in particular did not celebrate this date. You are very pretty, Alaia. Thank God you have parents and a family who love you very much.” “You have a very, very excellent dad and mom, and they lovingly adore you with life. You are a happy girl because they make your life happy… Thank God” and “Beautiful Alaia with your face so tender, you do not give any terror, what you cause is a lot of love” are some of the messages left to the daughter of López and Costa.

A few days ago Alaïa had a nice moment with her father Toni Costa, who finally has his own home. The little girl went to see the place and the Spanish dancer and choreographer explained that she was very excited to be able to decorate her new room as she wanted.

“When Alaïa entered the house I told her ‘well, you have to choose your room.’ She went upstairs, saw the master, said ‘I like this’ I told her ‘honey, that’s mine, but you can be there if you want. There are your rooms’ and she chose the one I thought she wanted for her. Extremely happy. She already wants to decorate it, the tones, the paper. She wants a mirror to put on her makeup, a television to see her drawings. So good, ”Costa said through a video on Facebook.

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