Alaïa, the daughter of Toni Costa and Adamari López, appears in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and her father can’t stand the tears

Alaia came to ‘The House of the Famous’ in the final week, but through a video. Toni Costa’s daughter appeared on the television screen of the house with a message for his father, who is one of the four finalists.

“Hello how are you Daddy? You know that you are already a winner, you are going to win this amazing game. Time goes by fast, bye were the words of the 7-year-old little girl while holding her pet in her arms. At the end of her words, she blew a kiss that surely went straight to her father’s heart, who couldn’t hold back her tears.

“Toni, like everyone else, Alaïa has supported you from the first moment, she has been with you body and soul, every minute you have been inside that house, what do you have to say to the beautiful Alaïa?”, asked Héctor Sandarti, presenter of the program.

“I love her with all my soul. Thank you for this gift of showing her to me again, that daddy is here, well, like everyone else fighting. It has been a long road of many obstacles, I think that we came out of here renewed and everything that we have lived here is worth it and everything that I have been here and will continue to be is because of and for her, so thank you”, Costa expressed in tears from the emotion of seeing his daughter, from whom he separated three months ago to enter this program.

At Costa’s farewell with Alalïa she gave him a pink heart pillow, which we have seen throughout the program and dedicated a message to him on social networks:

“Ufff my heart in a thousand pieces, I had never felt something like this when saying goodbye to my princess Alaïa, this time it was different, it was a very heartfelt farewell, we cried a lot together, we hugged each other so many times, it filled me with kisses and words so, so beautiful full of love, of feeling and at the same time in such a mature and conscious way, that while I write this, there are no more tears in my eyes… I am going to miss her so much, that you cannot imagine”.

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