Alarming predictions of Mhoni Vidente for 2022 in Mexico AMLO in danger?

Just days to start the year, Mhoni Seer made known his predictions for 2022, which according to the fortune teller will be “very complicated” especially for Mexico and in AmericanPost.News we bring you all the details.

In the video shared on her YouTube channel, the Cuban astrologer pointed out that she visualizes a great eruption of the Popocatepetl volcano, as well as natural catastrophes and even unfortunate events within politics, since he said that the Devil’s letter will dominate in Mexico.

According to the fortune teller, a seismic swarm could affect Mexico and the United States over the next year, this as explained because the Sun’s chart continues to completely dominate the world’s climate.

2022 predictions for Mexico

The pythonisadio to know his predictions for 2022 for Mexico

In addition to the seismic events and natural catastrophes for the country next year, the fortune teller stated that the devil’s card It will dominate in Mexico, which could have political consequences.

According to the seer, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) could be betrayed by a person from his party (Morena) during 2022, specifically in the month of December.

“The president will have to take care of his health and he will have to take care of his back, since there are people who do not want him in power and who do not want to continue,” predicted the Cuban fortune teller who has lived in Mexico for some time.

Mhoni Seer: 2022 horoscopes

The fortune teller commented that the 2022 in the Chinese horoscope it will be the year of the water tiger and this will make the signs of Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Capricorn have a greater influence, as he added that they will have “a great rejection”. Click here to find out what my horoscope says today, December 29 according to Mhoni Vidente.

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