Album launch: Kenia Os takes over the internet with the premiere of ‘K23’ – listen to the tracks here

Yesterday afternoon there was a great furor in social networks after Kenya Os premiered ‘K23’, the name of her second album under the Sony Music Mexico label and with which she hopes to break all kinds of records.

The album features 11 songs, including the promotional singles ‘Mía Mía’ and ‘Flores.’ On the other hand, ‘K23’ is cataloged as an experimental album that fuses pop rhythms with distinctive K-Pop elements, making it a very innovative proposal for Latin American artists.

‘K23’ is now available on all digital platforms.

Its premiere on digital platforms caused great fury among its fans, who took over Twitter trends to promote it. In addition, TikTok prepared a digital event led by Yeri Mua that was attended by important influencers who gathered to celebrate this launch.

‘K23’ and its first records

A few minutes after its debut, the new album by “La Kenini” took over the top of iTunes Mexico and iTunes US Latin.

A few minutes after his debut, ‘K23’ took over the top of iTunes Mexico, surpassing Taylor Swift with ‘Midnight Memories,’ Bad Bunny with ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ and Yuridia with ‘Pa’ Así Es Tarde.’ Similarly, the single ‘Flores’ also reached the top, extending “La Kenini’s” record as the Mexican artist with the most #1’s on said chart.

You can listen to the K23 album here:

It should be noted that this second record production arrives just a few months before he resumes her tour of the Mexican Republic and starts another for the United States, thus demonstrating that its image and music are internationalizing, making it the new musical promise.

K23 list of songs

What songs are included in K23, the new album by Kenia OS? According to the list seen in the Spotify embed above, the songs are:

  1. Mía Mía
  2. Año sabático
  3. Good Boy
  4. Botellita
  5. Buscándonos
  6. Toy Toy
  7. Placebo
  8. La invitación
  9. Flores
  10. Malas decisiones
  11. Si por mi fuera

One song stands out among the songs included on her new album because it already has a video. We are referring to “Año sabático.”

Here is the official clip:

“Año Sabático” (Sabbatical Year) arrives with powerful lyrics, a song that lasts just 2 minutes 44 seconds but will remain etched in your mind.

“I took a sabbatical year in love, and of my twenty-something, this was the best. I would not change even one day, with my eyes closed, I would repeat it,” quotes this song about self-love.

“I stay whit that. The sins I pray. I don’t put my heart where only kisses fit. It’s been a long time since I was like I am, being me, living today, no matter what the rest may think, “adds the singer and Internet celebrity.

And without further ado, she admits “that it is difficult for me to come back and answer you right now, to tell you yes, that without you I had no luck when it is quite the opposite.”

“I went on vacation, and I’m on my anniversary,” he sings, and although these verses are repeated, they could well become the anthem of someone who is closing cycles.

How did Kenya Os gain fame?

After a successful stint on social networks, the Mazatlan influencer seeks to conquer the world of music.

Kenya Os rose to fame after debuting as a content creator for YouTube. As American Post News mentioned, the Mazatlan influencer entered the world of music in 2018. Three years later, he signed a record contract with Sony Music Mexico, which is in charge of boosting her career as a singer.