Ale Capetillo and her great unconditional love fall in love on the networks

Ale Capetillo is the daughter of the famous actors Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo and that recently was announced as a party, since today she celebrates one of the most important beings in her life and who has lived with her for several months and accompanies her in her day to day.

this time the beautiful Ale, showed off to Bobbya dog of the cocker spaniel breed that he presented in July of last year when he was still a puppy and this Sunday he celebrates his first year of life, for which the influencer turned to his social networks to express the love he feels for him.

It should be noted that the charismatic Ale Capetillo always shares her special moments on her social networks and this time she did not miss her pet’s anniversary through Instagram.

Ale Capetillo celebrates her dog

Ale Capetillo shows off her great unconditional love on networks and her fans fall in love

“A year getting up with this güero, a year learning from you what unconditional love is.”

That was what the beautiful daughter of Biby Gaytán wrote and who added: “A year of many shames that you put me through, but that, definitely, I would repeat them without hesitation just because you are with me. A year of many surprises to which I come home, but excited to reach you, a year of walks on sunny, rainy, cold and hot days but TOGETHER.

In addition, the model highlighted: “Bobby, my best friend, the one who knows me to the soul, happy first year on earth, let’s go for many more together.”

bobby adoption

It must be remembered that when the daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo adopted Bobby, she told her followers that she knew the responsibility of caring for and maintaining a dog, especially living alone in Madrid, Spain.

“Yes, it is something that you have to think about very well, not just when the puppy arrives, it is for 15 years of your life, and you have to give it the same affection, attention and care as when it is a puppy,” he explained at the time to through a video.

Now the beautiful Ale Capetillo has shown, as always, that Bobby is part of her family, since he is her everyday companion and she longs for them to continue sharing more adventures and more love.

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