Ale Capetillo ended up in the hospital after presenting severe bone discomfort

Ale Capetillo had to be treated in a hospital after having suffered strong symptoms of something that has not yet been diagnosed (Photo: Instagram / @ alecapetilloga)

Alejandra Capetillo She again worried her fans this Thursday, because she shared that she had to be treated in a hospital after having presented strong symptoms difficult to explain.

This morning, the daughter of Biby Gaytan Y Eduardo Capetillo showed on social networks images that she had been admitted to a hospital, and although she is currently back at home, she caught the attention of her followers, as she confessed that she had strange symptoms which led her to have to visit an emergency doctor.

As related Ale, on Wednesday night he attended an event, in which everything was happening normally, until he began to feel bad, but assumed that it was probably something common, such as not having eaten.

And it is that the first symptom that appeared Capetillo describes it as a “Cold in the bones”, He said. This bothered her to the point where she looked for a way to fix it at the time. “From my feet to my back I started to feel cold, frozen, it even started to hurt and I said: ‘No, something is happening to me’ ”, he narrated.

Alejandra Capetillo
Alejandra alerted her fans by sharing this story and, after several hours, explaining that she was already at home (Photo: Instagram / @ alecapetilloga)

Although she did not feel the need to eat, she asked a friend to accompany her to eat, because surely that would make her feel better. “But during dinner I realized that it wasn’t hunger, which were chills, “the young woman recalled with a laugh.

Alejandra and her friend were inside a restaurant, which would have prevented her from feeling cold, but she was not. His discomfort increased and the pain grew stronger, to the point where it was martyrdom to move.

It was then that he decided to return home since his next deduction was that it was a deep fatigueBut when she arrived and put on her pajamas, she realized that she had a fever. The thermometer would have marked that the model had 39 ° C temperature.

Ale would have called his parents when he realized that if he did not do something at the time, a tragedy could occur (Photo: Instagram @bibygaitan)

In addition to the symptoms continuing to become stronger and stronger, her fever worsened her condition as she began to approach 40 °. By this time, Eduardo Capetillo’s daughter decided to call her parents, who ordered her to go immediately to a hospital.

The influencer He did not want to have to go that far, because he confessed that he fears for the hospitals and for the doctors, in addition to that it was around 1:00 in the morning and, mainly, he was distrustful of being so far from home.

In the hospital they performed a COVID test to confirm that his symptoms were not due to the fact that he had been infected, and so far it is negative. Therefore, Alejandra would only be suffering from a cold.

Eduardo Capetillo, Biby Gaytán and family - 27042021
The model confessed that one of her biggest fears was having to go to the doctor alone, with her family so far away (Photos: @bibygaytan / Instagram) (Photos: @bibygaytan / Instagram /)

Capetillo confessed that what worried him the most was the fever, since many years ago it had not reached those temperatures.

For the moment, Ale assured that will stay home until it is completely confirmed that you are COVID-19 negative and when you feel better, as you continue with common symptoms of a flu, such as nasal congestion.

Last January, the influencer revealed that had covid when arriving in Spain and also suffered from pain in the muscles and in the throat. Before this, a year ago Alejandra also had to be hospitalized when presenting strong symptoms at night.

Despite the fact that she was treated by doctors, a diagnosis was never reached, but on that occasion it was ruled out that she was infected by SARS-CoV-2.


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