Alec Baldwin: they disclose the first images of the filming of Rust, where the actor accidentally killed the director of photography

The authorities have not yet ruled out the responsibility of actor Alec Baldwin in the death of the cinematographer.

Photo: Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office / Courtesy

The police released this Monday images of the shooting of the feature film rustin which actor Alec Baldwin accidentally fired a gun and caused the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, last October.

The recording records the moment before the fatal outcome, in which the American actor is seen rehearsing with the weapon in front of the camera.

The Santa Fe County police in the US state of New Mexico, which is in charge of the investigation, also released other on-set images and interviews with several witnesses, including Baldwin himself.

However, the results of forensic examinations are still awaited to determine if the 64-year-old actor is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Hutchins, who was 42, died after Baldwin fired the gun, which he believed was secured, during rehearsals before filming a scene for Rust on Oct. 21.

Baldwin, who is also the producer of the film, had pointed out in various public statements that he had never touched the trigger of the gun until the time of the incident and that he had no idea why there was a real bullet on the film set. instead of a prop.

In the videos released this Monday, you can seeing police and doctors running around the film set in an effort to save Hutchins’ life.

In other images, Baldwin appears dressed as a cowboy and practicing with a weapon that apparently caused the fatal injuries to the cinematographer.

ongoing investigation

In the statement delivered by the authorities along with the images, Sheriff Adan Mendoza He noted that the investigation remains “open and ongoing.”

Mendoza noted that there are several elements that are essential, such as the ballistics report, fingerprint analysis, a medical report and information about the calls Baldwin made.

“Once these components are provided to the Sheriff’s Office, we will be able to complete the investigation for forwarding to the Santa Fe District Attorney for review,” said Sheriff Mendoza.

According to The New York Times, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said that the authorities decided to release the images after several requests from the media and also to point out what information is being awaited before the case goes to the prosecutors’ consideration.

Authorities have not ruled out criminal charges for the incident, and in October, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies told the New York Times that “everything right now, including criminal charges, is on the table.” .

The dissemination of the images occurs a week after the producers of the film received a fine of close to US$136,000 for not following security measures on a film set.

In addition, an investigation carried out by the department of Environment of New Mexico found that the producers of Rust showed “disregard in acknowledging the risks and dangers associated with the use of weapons on set.”

And they added that production management “knew that safety procedures were not being followed” and were “indifferent to the safety of employees, by not reviewing work practices in this regard and taking corrective measures to avoid an incident” with weapons.

The production company did not accept these considerations and says that it will appeal the report presented by the entity.

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