Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, revealed that her children know of the delicate situation in which the actor is involved

Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, revealed that her children know of the delicate situation in which the actor is involved

Alec Baldwin, his wife Hilaria Baldwin and their children are seen together almost always.

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Last October was when it happened the unfortunate accident during the filming of the movie “Rust” that ended with the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins when Alec baldwin allegedly he would have inadvertently fired a gun that he would use for a scene. The bullet wounded the film’s director and killed the cinematographer. Obviously this affected the whole family but lAlec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, has said that the actor’s children know of the delicate situation the actor is in, which involves a weapon and a person lost his life.

Alec baldwin had not given any statements as it is an ongoing investigation that will determine if the fact that the gun that the actor fired was loaded with live bullets due to production negligence or if there is something else behind all this. Obviously, the issue of whether the safety regulations regarding the handling of weapons were respected is in question. The only statements he had made so far had been through Twitter and in a brief interaction with paparazzi who approached him in Vermont, where he had taken refuge with his family. His wife Hilaria Baldwin made it clear that their children know what the actor is going through. On both occasions, he limited himself to stating that he was devastated and that he was collaborating with the authorities.

Hilaria baldwin He has six children with the actor and they are between eight years and ten months old. Alec Baldwin’s wife has taken to Instagram, where she has always been very open about her experience as a mother, to reveal that his older children are aware of what has happened to Alec and the delicate situation in which he finds himself, for she has tried to explain it to them as well as possible, always in terms that they can understand.

“I have had to have some conversations, to tell my older children about recent events. You can imagine how heartbreaking it has been “, he explained. Hilaria baldwin. “Sometimes I just freeze, knowing that I am the adult who should lead my family, but at the same time I am very at a loss as to which is the right direction. Nobody provides us with an instruction manual, “added the actor’s wife. Alec baldwin.

This Thursday the first interview of Alec Baldwin since the death of his co-worker will be broadcast, in which he will talk in detail about what happened that fateful day. In the advances that have been made so far, Alec Baldwin claims he didn’t pull the gun trigger that ended up killing Halyna Hutchins and adds that he was not even aware that there was live ammunition on the set.

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