Aleida Núñez begins the celebrations of her 41st birthday wearing a marked abdomen and daring neckline

Aleida Nunez is about to celebrate another year of life, so he decided to get a little ahead of the celebrations with a series of images in which showed off her statuesque figure and an extravagant change of look which made her look younger and more beautiful than ever.

The exuberant television star is in the midst of controversy after it became known that a new opportunity in love has been given with a millionaire businessman from Texas, with whom he traveled to Dubai to welcome 2022. Given the scandal generated, Aleida broke the silence to ensure that Bubba Saulsbury is not her boyfriend yet, since they are just getting to know each other.

Despite causing a stir with this new romantic relationship, she once again attracted attention thanks to her statuesque silhouette. It was through her official Instagram account, where the actress born in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, reminded her fans that her 41st birthday is yet to come, for which she shared several images in which she posed in a sexy outfit that He fell in love with his more than 3 and a half million followers.

In the first series of photos, Aleida appeared with a radical change of look, in which she wore long pink hair that made her look angelic, but at the same time brought out her daring personality that has conquered millions. Posing in the most sensual way, she also consented to the pupil of her fans wearing a lace top that highlighted her neckline.

Pre birthday January 24“, was how he described the first publication that attracted the eyes of thousands.

However, that was not all, since later he shared another couple of photographs in which he reappeared with the same look, but this time he captivated with a sensual shot in which he exposed his laundry abdomen.

As if this were not enough, the singer also drew attention again with similar images, in which her revealing neckline became the protagonist of the heated photo session that marked the beginning of the celebrations for her 41st birthday.

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