Aleida Núñez dances with her back to the camera in a low-cut red bodysuit with slits in her legs

Aleida Nunez She is one of the celebrities who continually shows off her dazzling beauty on social networks, as happened in one of her most recent publications with which exposed her curves while dancing with her back to the camera with a suggestive garment that gave much to talk about.

The name of the sensual Mexican actress and singer has been involved in controversy due to the fight she starred in with Yvonne Montero, and weeks before thanks to the fleeting romance she had with a wealthy businessman from Texas, who spoiled her with luxurious gifts and trips. But not only has she given something to talk about because of the above, since she has also been able to attract the attention of almost 4 million followers who admire her through her Instagram account, where she shares details of the projects in which she participates, in addition to presume that she is one of the most daring models.

That’s how it was in a video exposed her shapely silhouette while dancing to the rhythm of “Wrap”, by the Brazilian singer Anitta. However, what caught the attention of thousands of fans was that this time he appeared moving her hips while wearing a red body with slits in the legs and a neckline both in the front and in the backeliciting endless compliments.

Although she did not reveal more details of the show she is preparing, what was clear to her loyal fans is that she is already an expert when it comes to wearing this type of clothing.

But the series of heated snapshots did not end here, since shortly before, the native of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, attracted attention thanks to a green outfit that she wore like a model. On this occasion, not only did she show off her tanned skin under the sun’s rays, but she also exposed her abdomen of steel thanks to the pants that reached the waist, in addition to a crossed top that further highlighted the stylized silhouette she possesses. at 41 years old.

The time that is enjoyed is the true time lived“, was the phrase with which he accompanied the series of two postcards that thousands of admirers thanked.

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