Aleida Núñez disturbs her fans wearing a miniskirt and heels

As is often the case with almost everything Aleida Nunez He publishes on social networks, this Tuesday he again stirred up his millions of admirers with some photos that show his attractive and toned body.

In the publication that the actress and singer uploaded to her Instagram account, she can be seen posing standing up, wearing a tight black mini skirt that she accessorized with a semitransparent blouse of the same color and heels with whom he showed off those shapely legs that he maintains at 40 years of age.

As expected, in just a couple of hours, the images already exceed 42 thousand ‘likes’ and all kinds of compliments.

Beautiful legs 😍😍 “,”Aleida, you are beauty and perfection made woman 💋💞 ”and“Tremendous body that you have, mamacita 🔥🔥 ”, are some of the comments that are repeated by dozens.

Aleida Núñez keeps her fans attentive thanks to the different looks she chooses for each outing. Just take a look and see that there is no outfit that does not highlight your curvy silhouette.

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