Aleida Núñez ends her romance with the businessman who took her on a trip

After it was revealed that Aleida Nunez had a relationship with an important businessman, recently the actress announced that she ended her romance for an important reason. According to TVNotas Magazine

In an interview for ‘Ventaneando’, the famous confessed that although everything was going well between her and the oil businessman Bubba, everything ended, since she wanted to share the good and bad times with him, but the distance and work did not allow them, as they wanted.

This is because her lover, who sent two thousand roses to Aleida Núñez, on her birthday, lives in Texas, the United States and she in Mexico, which made it difficult for them to share many moments together.

Aleida Núñez talks about her breakup

“Unfortunately the distance does not play in favor, the fact that he is in Texas and I am here, the truth is that there are many things that at the time one would like to share more closely, both emotions of happiness or sadness and unfortunately because of the distance that affects us”.

The beautiful Mexican actress also revealed that this is not the only thing that worried her, since she is also mourning the terrible death of her puppy Bambi, to whom she recently had to say goodbye.

The foregoing after some ailments that her beloved pet had were complicated, caused by her advanced age, since Aleida’s faithful friend was 15 years old.

Aleida is sad for the loss of her puppy

Aleida Núñez said goodbye to her pet on social networks.

“The vet told me that his heart was not going to take it anymore, because it was already very sensitive, they had given him some medication to react to this, but they couldn’t do anything anymore and I had to make the decision to put him to sleep”, Aleida confessed.

However, the beautiful actress thanks her God for allowing her to carry her pet one last time and see him with open eyes, while hugging him, a moment that she will surely never forget, as well as the many hours of joy they lived together.

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