Aleida Núñez falls in love with her fans modeling a red mini dress with her back to the camera

Aleida Nunez captured the glances within social networks, but this time it was not with heated bikinis or tight sports outfits, but with a mini dress that showed her heart attack curves and managed to raise the temperature.

Once again, the Mexican artist made it clear that one of the garments that best knows how to wear are the tiny dresses. And it is that, exposing the beauty of her curves to the maximum, she has managed to fall in love with about 3 and a half million users who currently follow her on her official Instagram account, that is how this Tuesday she chose a striking red and orange garment that highlighted her curvy figure and took thousands of fans out of breath.

In the series of photographs that he accompanied with the phrase: “You are always on my mind“, Aleida He was shown in profile with his back to the camera to squander sensuality with his peculiar style.

Continuing with this type of clothing, days before the native of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, painted her lips red and showed herself with sensual poses in which she was about to show something more than her charming crossed legs and an angelic face that fall in love with the slightest provocation.

Red lips, clear mind“, He wrote at the bottom of the seductive publication that attracted the attention of 57 thousand followers who qualified it with a” like “.

Although she is able to paralyze the networks with her heart attack mini dresses, she also uncovered her shapely curves with a revealer body black and skin color that allowed thousands of fans of the same social network to admire her shapely silhouette, while she is captured lying placidly on a sofa.

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