Aleida Núñez falls in love with her fans while performing her favorite yoga posture with tight leggings

Aleida Nunez made her social media followers to fall in love again. She came up with some moves while practicing yoga, showing her sensuality in a tight sports outfit.

In the most recent publication of her official Instagram profile, the Mexican singer shared with 3.4 million followers a photograph in which she made a complicated pose, putting self-control to the test.

Living without suffering is really living” was the phrase that the television star used to describe the sensual image that in just minutes managed to accumulate thousands of” likes “and hundreds of burning compliments sent by his admirers as well as the occasional famous person, among whom the former Garibaldi and music producer Charly Lopez stands out.

In the image, you can see Aleida in tight pink leggings and a sexy top in the same tone. She was wearing the set while practicing the discipline that had helped her to achieve such a great body.

Previously, she had made a similar picture but, on that occasion, she delighted the fans by only showing a side of her silhouette to the camera.

At 40 years old, Aleida is capable of turning up the temperature wearing practically any kind of garments, from daring bikinis, mini dresses and risky shorts that reveal the beauty of her shapely legs. One of the outfits able to attract the attention of her demanding fans is wearing the tight leggings that she uses not only to exercise, but sometimes on the streets in a more casual look.

As proof of her elegance and style for modeling is a series of photographs that she published not long ago, in which she showed-off her heart-attack curves in two spectacular poses that left more than 55,000 fans with their mouths open.