Aleida Núñez in denim pants highlights her well-shaped figure at the gym

Aleida Núñez shone like a true star in a photo where her denim pants were the star of the show as she was showered with compliments.

Aleida Nuñez, 41 years old, does not play games when she wants to look flirtatious, and she makes it clear with the photo she uploaded to her social networks, where she appears with a pair of jeans which highlights to the maximum her goddess figure.

In the photo you can see the Mexican actress posing on her back like a true diva and you can appreciate the fruits that the gym has given, in addition to good nutrition, because for those who did not know, Aleida Nuñez is a woman who takes the discipline to the letter.

“When you love yourself, learn to be happy, you live better, love and love from the heart…Happy day LQM #love #peace” writes in the photo the artist, which reached just over 31 thousand likes, and as expected, the fans were not made to wait with their comments where they let her know that she looks like a true Aztec goddess as they always tell her.

“Hello, happy love and friendship day, and may it be filled with many blessings and many good things for you, beautiful Barbie doll.”, “Beautiful, beautiful, you are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, I love you Aleida, I love you,” “Blessings, I always send you a kiss on the cheek. I will always be grateful to Tigo for our friendship we love each other I send you a kiss,” write the social networks.

Another of the things that Aleida Núñez continues to talk about, in addition to her statuesque figure, has been because of the alleged relationship she has with businessman Bubba Saulsbury who apparently wants to take the relationship seriously with the artist, although at the moment Nothing has been heard from the American businessman.

It should be mentioned that the beautiful woman is not exempt from criticism and many have said that she is supposedly with him out of interest, but far from being silent on one occasion, she confessed to Chisme No Like that people will always talk, so He doesn’t care what they say about him, because he’s already used to hate.