Aleida Núñez is not offended that they say she has a ‘sugar daddy’. Her beloved Bubba Saulsbury is 51 years old and she is 41

Aleida Nuñez clarifies that she is not interested in the fortune of Bubba Saulsbury, because after her romance with the 51-year-old businessman monopolized the publication of some photos of her trip to Dubai and Istanbul, the negative comments about the relationship were immediate and called the American the “sugar daddy” of the actress.

“I am completing many years of career and the truth does not offend me. It makes me laugh, because well you already know everything that I have worked on novels, in theater, in series, in shows.

He continues: “I tell them to ‘live their lives’ and let me live mine. I’m having a great time, believe me I’m not worried at all, on the contrary, I wish you also find a person who pampers you, who loves you, who treats you well.

The Mexican celebrates her birthday as the “Queen of Mariachi 2022”, where she received an arrangement consisting of two thousand roses accompanied by a letter from her boyfriend. About this he said: “I did not expect it, right now obviously I arrive and see the roses, I did not expect it and, obviously, they are his. I can’t tell you what the letter says because it’s very personal.”

The actress of “La Fea Más Bella” talks that it does not bother her that his heartthrob has a few extra kilos and tells what really conquers the billionaire from Texas. Aleida Núñez is not offended that they say she has a ‘sugar daddy’.

“We cannot judge people for their overweight, we always have to see beyond weight. What I admire about him is his intelligence, his perseverance, he is a person who has been running a very important company in the United States for many years and I think that, beyond the money he may have, he can conquer me more in the long run, because finally I admire him”.

He also added: “Beyond the gifts that he can give me, which until now has become super splendid with me and super detailed, but beyond that, he is also generous with his way of being with me.”

Even Aleida has the support of her son Alexander. “He fully supports me, he tells me ‘mommy, whatever you want, whatever you decide, don’t worry if they say he’s a ‘sugar daddy’, that’s not true because I know you.”

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