Aleida Nuñez lifts her blouse and drives her fans crazy with her marked abdomen

Aleida Nunez She is one of the actresses who have committed to the gym, which is why she dedicates herself to training to maintain her toned figure.

In addition to the fact that it is more than doubt that she has been recognized for several years for her roles in different television productions, for which she has a large number of fans on her instagram, whom she decided to pamper a little.

as we told you in American Post NewsIt is not the first time that Aleida Nuñez leaves everyone with their mouths open, because on several occasions she has shared her outfits and her sensual outfits.

Aleida Nuñez shows off her heart attack abdomen

It was on her official Instagram account where the actress took the opportunity to show all the work she has done in the gym with a photograph that received many compliments.

And it is that Aleida posed with a green blouse that rose slightly to the abdomen and revealed her marked abdomen and also part of her underwear.

Immediately the photograph began to be filled with many likes and comments praising the hours in the gym that the actress has spent, in addition to the fact that many were left with their mouths open.

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How old is Aleida Nuñez?

The actress is currently 41 years old.

Aleida Nuñez is currently 41 years old and continues to be very active in show business, as she participated in Corazón Guerrero in 2022, La mexicana y el Gúero in 2021 and Por amar sin ley in 2018, in addition to having also made appearances in As the saying goes and La Rosa de Guadalupe.

Currently, the famous actress accumulates a total of almost 4 million followers on her official Instagram account, where she often shares photos of her outfits.

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