Aleida Núñez receives a huge birthday gift from her millionaire suitor: “It’s just a detail”

This January 24 Aleida Nunez is of long tablecloths celebrating his 41st birthday; However, it is a different celebration, because for a few weeks it has been at the center of controversy for launching an affair with a millionaire businessman named Bubba Saulsbury.

And it was precisely her new lover who spoiled her with a spectacular gift that he sent her from Texas, where she currently resides. It’s about a huge flower arrangement with hundreds of red roses that the actress and singer boasted through their social networks, where he shared some images of the celebration for another year of life.

Along with the surprising publication, the television star did not hesitate to thank her splendid suitor with the message: “Celebrating my birthday… thanks for the detail Bubba“.

These images were captured from the event in which, in addition to celebrating her day, she was crowned for the third time as the “Queen of Mariachi”, in addition to receiving recognition for her 20-year artistic career.

During a meeting with the media in this same place, Aleida confirmed that the flowers were sent to her by the man who is trying to win her heart, as she assures that she has nothing to hide because she has always been very transparent.

I love being pampered Give me details that are gentlemen. There are always gifts, but beyond the gifts that he can give me, up to now he has been very splendid with me. and super detailed, he is generous in his way of being with me, ”said the woman from Jalisco.

In addition, he ended the speculation, ensuring that this is just one of the many gifts he has received from his new heartthrob.

“This is just a detail of how much he has done for me in the short time I have known him and someone may or may not have much, but in the end the details are what count.”

Aleida Nunez

But everything seems to indicate that their relationship is very serious, because in addition to the fact that he already knows his parents, he has confessed that he would like to have a formal relationship, in which there could even be wedding plans.

Things are going wellI don’t want to get ahead of myself. Obviously he wants something good with me, he wants something serious. The distance must be seen how it works, I have never had a long-distance relationship and I am also starting a soap opera, ”he added before the camera of journalist Eden Dorantes.

To end, Aleida Nunez made it clear that the physical is what matters least to him, since as a woman he likes more to be conquered by the essence and the way of being; so she sent a message to those who have criticized her for starting a relationship with a millionaire man.

Let them live their life and let me live mine. I’m having a great time, believe me I’m not worried at all, on the contrary, I I wish you also find a person who pampers you, who loves you, who treats you well“, he pointed out.

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