Aleida Núñez receives a huge gift from her billionaire boyfriend for her birthday

In AmericanPost.News we have released all the details about the relationship of Aleida Nunez with the businessman Bubba Saulsbury, with whom he was seen for the first time saying goodbye to the year with all the luxuries in dubaiwhich sparked controversy on social networks, because at that time, it was said that he was his sugar daddy.

The relationship of the Mexican actress became a trend after her social networks revealed the huge bouquet of red roses that he gave her for her 41st birthday, and it was in that publication that she mentioned it for the first time.

Throughout the month of December, the model was also seen very disciplined going to the gym and although it did not seem strange, Aleida showed off her enormous rear, which has always been one of her attributes and of which her boyfriend is also pleased.

Aleida Núñez has not confirmed her courtship

The actress showed off her birthday present The actress is the mother of a beautiful child

Faced with so much scandal over the actress’s relationship, she herself clarified the situation during an interview with entertainment journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, to whom she told him that she met billionaire Bubba Saulbury in October 2021, in San Miguel de Allende.

Since then they have been dating, but despite the photos they have shown, the Mexican has not yet confirmed her courtship with the Texan businessman, who has filled her with luxuries and gifts.

“I don’t care what they say because I know what I’m worth and what I am, I’m super independent. He is very stable, he has his companies and businesses, he makes us both laugh”.

It was also said that he is a 50-year-old man, who has no children and has not been married. He is executive vice president of strategies for the company Saulsbury Industries, which is an expert in construction and hydrocarbons.

How many children does Aleida Núñez have?

The actress is the mother of a beautiful child

Alexander Glogovsky Nunezis the only son of the famous Mexican actress, and it is not known if he has already lived with his mother’s new partner, since she and her ex-partner have had certain conflicts over the minor’s education.

On the holidays, her son spent them with his father, since Aleida Núñez received the new year from Dubai and in the company of the Texan businessman.

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