Aleida Núñez receives an arrangement with hundreds of red roses from her crush Bubba

Mexico. The actress and singer Aleida Núñez shares on Instagram the unexpected gift that her boyfriend sends her on the occasion of her birthday. Is about a huge arrangement with hundreds of red roses.

Aleida Núñez is happy with life because of the detail that Bubba Saúl Saulsbury sends her, with whom he spent several days recently in the Middle East, as reported in various media.

“Celebrating my birthday… thanks for the detail bubba”, writes Aleida in the title of her post where she poses elegantly dressed next to the aforementioned flower arrangement.

Aleida Núñez, originally from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, who is turning 41 years old this January 24, is being romantically pursued by Bubba, who is 51 years old, and in some interviews she has shared that she met him online.

Apparently the crush between Aleida and Bubba was instantaneous, in fact he invited her to spend the end of the year in the Middle East and they were in places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi (capital of the United Arab Emirates), as well as in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Aleida Núñez confirmed to the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante that she is dating Bubba Saulsbury, who is an oil millionaire born in Odessa, Texas, and pointed out that things between them were going “quiet and calm”

According to a report from TVNotas magazine, he has an important position in a hydrocarbon plant construction company where he is the executive vice president of the family-owned company called Saulsbury Industries, which has been in the market for 30 years.

Internet users and even fans of Aleida have expressed their good wishes so that she can have something serious with the businessman and they send you messages like these:

“Your gallant is very well. Here in Mexico adorable panzoncitos, but without wool”, “Whether it’s for love or not, she is enjoying it and undoubtedly he is too, tremendous woman.”

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Aleida Núñez is currently working on the recordings of the new Televisa telenovela Corazón Guerrero, production of Salvador Mejia where he shares credits with other actors such as Alejandra Espinoza, Ana Martin, Gaby Spanic and Gonzalo García Vivanco.

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