Aleida Núñez receives proposals from sugar daddys Will she leave her boyfriend?

Aleida Nunez confessed in a recent meeting with the press that has received multiple millionaire men proposals that are offered to be your sugardaddys. These statements come after she was romantically related to Bubba Saúl Saulsbury, a millionaire businessman from Texas who took her for a ride to Dubai.

However, she made it clear that she has never had a sugar daddy and that she could not accept such proposals because considers herself a free and independent woman: “No, I’ve never had sugar, the truth is I couldn’t… Many times I’ve had offers like these, it’s not the first time I’ve been with one of these people who has some power or money.”

The actress caused a stir by announcing her romance with Bubba Saul Saulsbury, a millionaire Texan businessman. Today, the actress and singer is considered one of the most attractive women in Mexican entertainment.

Also, the star of AleidaVIP revealed that they have wanted to prohibit him from working and seeing his loved ones in exchange for a life full of luxuries: “I’m not interested in being a slave to anyone, I’ve always been a super independent woman, I have my things for my work and what I appreciate most is my freedom… I’m not going to sacrifice my freedom to be with a millionaire.”

Sex is not essential for Aleida Núñez

On the other hand, the also businesswoman and activist said she felt very happy about the romance she stars in next to a young and handsome French actor. However, she made it clear that sex is not essential and that it is not the ones that usually give “the test of love” on the first date.

“I am not one of the women who blinds themselves with sex… Not any man impresses me with sex,” he said. Aleida Nunezwho assured that she ended up with a boyfriend because she wanted to treat her badly and that she cared little that he was quite good in bed.

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How old is Aleida Núñez?

Today, the actress and singer is considered one of the most attractive women in Mexican entertainment.

Aleida Nunez was born on January 24, 1981so now you have 41 years old. In addition to being an actress and singer, the native of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco has managed to conquer the new generations with the daring content that she shares on social networks, which positions her as one of the most sensual women in entertainment.

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