Aleida Núñez reveals the reason why her romance with the millionaire businessman ended

Aleida Nunez is going through painful situations, because in addition to firing a loved one a few days ago, confirmed that her romance with a millionaire businessman came to an end.

The sensual Mexican actress and singer will have to say goodbye to the luxuries and expensive gifts from her boyfriend Bubba Saulsbury, with whom she traveled to the Middle East to receive 2022 and shortly after pampered her on her birthday with a branded bag and more than 2 thousand roses.

The news was confirmed by the famous during a recent interview for the “Ventaneando” program, where she revealed the reasons why she had to end her relationship.

“Unfortunately because of the distance, that affects us so that there can be a much closer connection.”

Aleida Nunez

And although the courtship was just beginning, since they had been dating for a few months, the television star explained that it is not easy to maintain a romantic relationship at a distance, because while she continues to live in Mexico, the wealthy businessman lives in the United States, which would have complicated his plans.

Unfortunately the distance does not play in favorthe fact that he is in Texas and I am here (in Mexico), the truth is there are many things that at the time I would like to share more closelyboth emotions such as happiness or sadness, ”he explained.

But this is not the only rock that she goes through, since a few days ago the actress suffered a great loss, since her puppy Bambi died after accompanying her for 15 years, for which she broke down again in tears when remembering how were the last moments of your beloved pet.

“The vet told me that his heart was not going to take it anymore, because he was very sensitive. They couldn’t do anything anymore and I had to make the decision to put him to sleep.. For me it was very strong, really. I thank God that I was able to say goodbye to him and I was able to say thank you for all the love he gave me, for the company and for always being good. He gave me many joys. They couldn’t do more because his heart, kidney and lung were complicated“.

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