Aleida Núñez said goodbye to Carlos Marín: this was his supposed romance

PHOTO: Instagram / @ aleidanunez

The mexican singer, Aleida Núñez, dedicated a message of condolence to the Spanish singer, Carlos Marín, who died last Sunday at the age of 53, after spending just over a week in an induced coma due to a strong contagion of COVID-19.

Notwithstanding this message, the story between the two began years ago, when Núñez confessed during an interview that he had a relationship with the singer of Il Divo. Fact that later would have been denied by himself.

From her Instagram account, Aleida wrote a short composition in memory of the interpreter and regretted his death: “I cannot believe this news … My dear Carlos, rest in peace and fly high”, began in the publication where he shared a photograph from both.

“I keep great memories and your immense talent that you gave to the world, prompt resignation to his family ”concluded in the message that at the moment accumulates more than 8 thousand likes and the reactions of other celebrities, such as Maribel Guadria.

PHOTO: Instagram / @ aleidanunez
PHOTO: Instagram / @ aleidanunez

The story between Aleida and the member of the famous Spanish group began in 2018, when during an interview with the entertainment program Windowing, she confessed that she had an affair with the singer.

According to what he said, it all happened because of a mutual friend who introduced them and later they started dating. This is how Aleida expressed it in that year to the cameras of Tv Azteca: “A mutual friend introduced us because he asked about me. He was in Mexico and he insisted that I give him my phone number, so he looked for me”.

According to Aleida, that was the beginning of the romance, because, despite the fact that at first she had been somewhat skeptical, later she realized that “he was a gentleman”: “He told me that he wants something right with me, so let’s leave, let’s see what the weather says and if he continues to behave as he has been doing until now, maybe he will beat me.“, He said.

However, later the same show program made known to the audience some audios in which Carlos allegedly complained about what Aleida said and denied any relationship with her.


In the audio, the singer assures that the only thing that happened is that they were captured together in some photographs and as a result of that, Aleida invented a romance between them: “I get a little peck (grandmother’s kiss) and I say: ‘Well, bye ‘. And there is the photo and As a result of that, she began to tell a story saying that I invited her, I wanted to invite her to my house, to meet my father, no … a whole movie”, The singer is heard saying.

According to what Marín said, the Spaniard looked for Aleida to clarify the situation without success, since she would not have wanted to speak to him: “I send him an audio message: ‘Hey, what the hell are you playing at? I mean, we don’t even know each other, we’ve met once and I didn’t even have your phone and the truth is that you’re passing”He continued on the call.

Later he asked the Mexican to deny what happened. However, it was until this Sunday that the singer dedicated a message in memory of the interpreter with a controversial situation that the situation gained strength again.

The death of Carlos Marín was communicated to the followers of the Spanish group through their social networks: “It is with great regret that we let you know that our friend and partner Carlos Marín has passed away. His friends, family and fans will miss him. There will never be another voice or spirit like Carlos “, says the tweet that the opera group reported.

aleida nuñez
(Photo: Instagram / @ aleidanunez)

The lyrical singer too He will be remembered for his extensive career in the music industry such as the production of more than 9 studio albums and his multiple concerts around the world. The news of his death has caused a stir among his family, friends and fans.


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