Aleida Núñez showed off the luxurious gift that her boyfriend Bubba Saulsbury gave her for her 41st birthday

(Photo: Instagram/@aleidanunez)

Mexican actress, Aleida Nunez celebrated her 41st birthday on January 24 and, in the midst of the controversy over her new boyfriend Bubba Saulsbury, The actress shared some images of the impressive gift that the billionaire businessman sent her to pamper her on her special day.

The interpreter of The Mexican and the blond shared with her more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account a message of thanks where she showed off the detail they had with her: “Celebrating my birthday… thanks for the detail bubba”, Aleida wrote next to the flower arrangement.

Aleida Nunez, originally from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, who turned 41 this January 24, is being romantically pursued by a Bubba Saulsbury, who is an oil millionaire born in Odessa, Texas, who is 51 years old.

<a class=Aleida Núñez shared a flower arrangement on the occasion of her birthday Photo: Instagram/@aleidanunez” height=”705″ src=”” width=”1065″ />
Aleida Núñez shared a flower arrangement on the occasion of her birthday Photo: Instagram/@aleidanunez

In some interviews, the Mexican actress has shared that she met him on social networks and apparently the connection between Aleida and Bubba was instantaneous. The most striking thing about this relationship is the fact that he invited her to spend the end of 2021 in the Middle East and they were in places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, as well as Istanbul, Turkey.

On January 24, the actress who currently is working on the recordings of the new telenovela by Televisa, Warrior heart, had the opportunity to speak with the morning Today about this new stage with a new love relationship and about the controversies that have revolved around her relationship with her partner.

“I had this trip planned… and I had the space in December to go and receive the year there, and yes, great! I went to the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Istanbul and Cappadocia”, explained about the trip he had with Bubba to the drivers of Today.

Aleida Núñez talks about her new relationship with the morning newspaper Hoy Photo: Instagram/@programahoy
Aleida Núñez talks about her new relationship with the morning newspaper Hoy Photo: Instagram/@programahoy

During her intervention, the actress who gave life to Milena Tellez in the novel For loving without law (2018)cHe shared with the morning audience how their relationship arose.

“It is important to give my version. I met him in October of last year, a mutual friend introduced us, we were in San Miguel de Allende and from there we got along amazingly. He began to visit me here in Mexico, he is from Texas,” he recalled.

Later, he confirmed to the program hosted by Raul Araiza, Galilea Montijo and Tania Rincon that the couple intends to have a formal relationship: “Obviously, a serious relationship is intended, well, that is,” he said to end his intervention with the program of Televisa.

There the actress shared a reflection where she explained that their relationship is the result of self-love and the search for sincere love.

“It is that I believe that when you love yourself, anyone can love you, it is something very beautiful, it is something that you generate in life and what they tell me ‘is that he is like a prince’ and I ‘is that look, we are already queens, we don’t need a prince by our side,’” she concluded for the morning.

Aleida Núñez and her new romance Photo: Instagram/@yucatv
Aleida Núñez and her new romance Photo: Instagram/@yucatv

The actress who will share credits with Alejandra Espinoza, Ana Martin, Gaby Spanic and Gonzalo García Vivanco; had the opportunity to touch on the subject of his new relationship for the first time on the program First hand, there Aleida confirmed the romance, which has been just over 4 months.

“Beyond everything, I knew him as a man, beyond what he may have… If everything goes well, I like serious and formal relationships. I could not be with someone who does not treat me well, not only materially, in the sense as a man”, he explained with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.


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