Aleida Núñez shows off her shapely legs and cleavage in a sequined mini dress

Aleida Nunez is used to causing a stir through social networks, where again she wasted beauty and sensuality posing with a sequined micro dress that consented the pupil of thousands of fans.

The native of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, began her career on Mexican television more than 20 years ago, during which time she has participated in several soap operas and series; However, it has been thanks to her striking beauty that she has also managed to stand out on social networks, where she continually shares details of her professional projects, but she has also used her galleries to share hot images that have already become public favorites. that in them shows off its beauty with tight and tiny garments that draw sighs wholesale.

And to start the week with all the attitude, the beautiful actress turned to her official Instagram profile to share a series of risky images in which she appeared posing in a sexy sequined micro dresswith which her curves drew sighs from thousands of followers.

The publication that in a few hours stole glances, more than 11 thousand red hearts and a shower of flattering messages, proved why she is one of the favorite celebrities on stage, but also within this famous social network in which she is about to to reach 4 million followers.

And as the parade of tiny dresses seems to have no end, weeks before she fell in love with a revealing video with which she promoted her exclusive content page, where she appeared in the middle of a forest wearing a set of lingerie, clothes that once again stole the attention of more than 80 thousand faithful admirers, before whom she showed off her voluptuous curves.

And it is that, since she joined the list of celebrities who show off their beauty within the pages of exclusive content, the seductive uncoverings have increased, proof of this was the series of postcards in which she modeled a set of intimate garments in pastel shades, with which her beauty was exposed to the maximum.

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