Aleida Núñez was the victim of sexual harassment in full live show

Aleida Nunez spoke of the unpleasant moment she suffered in one of her live shows, when an assistant in the audience sexual harassmentsince he touched her improperly and without her consent, causing the actress to attack him.

In AmericanPost.News We let you know that Aleida Núñez has spoken out on several occasions in favor of female empowerment, for which she disapproves of attacks on women, she even has a page called Against Female Violence.

For this reason, the actress did not hesitate to defend herself in front of those attending her presentation, after a man improperly touched her, even before the security that was in the show.

Aleida Núñez suffers sexual harassment during her presentation

What happened to Aleida Núñez? Who is Aleida Núñez’s new boyfriend?

The actress and singer, who constantly steals sighs on her social networks, was a special guest on the “Sit down who can” program, where she made shocking confessions and was surprised to reveal that she suffered sexual harassment during one of her shows.

Aleida Núñez, who for several years has offered concerts in various parts of the Mexican Republic, said that on one occasion one of the attendees went too far, because when he was going on stage he touched her under her clothes.

“I was wearing a very short miniskirt, because my shows are visual, I sing regional Mexican and everything, but it is super sexy with always respect for the public. I was going up the stairs and suddenly a guy literally stuck a finger in my back. It was awful” he said.

Similarly, she confessed that she was very upset, so she reacted by hitting the man. “I got really mad, I turned around and slapped the stupid guy,” she said.

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Who is Aleida Núñez’s new boyfriend?

Who is Aleida Núñez’s new boyfriend?

After her controversial relationship with the oil businessman Bubba Saulsbury, the singer and actress Aleida Núñez announced that she had started a new relationship with the 37-year-old actor of French origin, Martin Babilotte.

The actress has been seen very much in love and even announced that she already knows her boyfriend’s family, since they recently made a trip to Europe.

As for the professional Aleida Nunez She continues to accumulate successes in her career and in addition to dedicating herself to giving shows around the Mexican Republic, she has been invited to host some television programs.

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