Alejandra Ávalos tells why she suddenly gained 25 kilos

In the last times Alexandra Avalos has had to deal with overweight that has made him not recognize himself in front of the mirror. However, the singer and actress He has assured that many times people do not gain weight because they eat too much, but because of medical problems. And this was the case for him.

As he said in one interview with the magazine TV and novelseverything happened after having become ill with influenza and undergoing medical treatment in which they provided cortisonewhich kept her with an inflamed heart for eight days in the hospital.

“The last time I was good, what weighed 60 kilos, it was two years ago. But I had a medical complication and I fell into the hospital, they injected me with cortisone and I gained 25 kilos… Sometimes it is thought that one gains weight because we eat too much (…) it is not true, in my case it was a situation of medical emergency”, he told said medium.

Alejandra Ávalos begins treatment to reduce weight

Faced with a very drastic physical change for which I was not prepared, the actress began this year a diet to lose weightwhich also includes the keto diet, which has helped her reduce inflammation in her body in parts such as her face and ankles.

“I started it again in mid-January; I decided to reset my body and I’ve already lost 10 kilos. Obviously it has to do with the type of diet, i became vegan with a protein that is absorbed by my body one hundred percent and is so pure that it directly feeds my muscles,” he said.

On one occasion Ávalos confessed that he had been discriminated against due to overweight. “When I was over 25 kilos, people discriminated against me,” said Ventaneando (TV Azteca) in 2019. “People didn’t give me work; they told me ‘we can’t; you don’t portray well on screen.'”

Who is Alejandra Avalos?

Alejandra Avalos, who is 52 years old and originally from Mexico City, has stood out over the years for her multidisciplinary career. From singer, she to actress she has participated in Broadway adaptations and signed with major labels such as Warner, Sony, Atlantic and Columbia.

During an old meeting with the media, Ávalos said that it was thanks to Vicente Fernández that his career as a Mexican regional singer took off.

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