Alejandra Espinoza alarms with therapy to be able to move her body (VIDEO)

  • Alejandra Espinoza continues with havoc on her health
  • The host of Nuestra Belleza Latina is in full treatment and rehabilitation
  • The Mexican alarmed with health problems a month ago when she went to the hospital

A few weeks after Alejandra Espinoza scared friends and strangers with health problems that led her to be admitted to the hospital and with a bad diagnosis that caused her a lot of stress and anxiety, now the host of Nuestra Belleza Latina is recovering but a slower pace.

And it is that since she suffered paralysis, Alejandra Espinoza had waited to be told exactly what health problems she had, going through a lot of anguish of not knowing what was happening until finally the outlook was clarified and now she is receiving treatment, but she is still raging in her body?

Alejandra Espinoza receives treatment for her health

Instagram: Univision Famosos

In recent Instagram stories, Alejandra Espinoza told about her experience and what kind of treatment and rehabilitation she is receiving after being hospitalized and worrying everyone about her health, in order to return ‘to normal’ and be able to be one hundred percent, although for days he returned to work.

A compilation of Instagram stories of the Mexican at Univisión Famosos shows how, since she is not working at Nuestra Belleza Latina, she dedicates her time to rest and the type of treatment she takes to optimize her health, however, is rehabilitation painful?

Alejandra Espinoza alarms with the way she receives treatment

Alejandra Espinoza

With a gray blouse, pants and without makeup and relaxed, we can see Alejandra Espinoza sitting in an armchair connected to cables and devices on her head and wrists to give them ‘waves’ due to the treatment she is receiving and of which she expresses herself as something wonderful that is improving it:

“I came on the recommendation of my husband, my husband had facial paralysis about 10 years ago …” Alejandra Espinoza is heard saying while sitting in an armchair connected to the type of rehabilitation that she later described as ‘quantum therapy’.

The Mexican was diagnosed with ‘partial facial paralysis’

Alejandra Espinoza therapy

The Mexican suffered a condition similar to the one that her husband Aníbal Marrero had ten years ago, a partial facial paralysis and that is why she went to a kind of ‘alternative’ therapy: What I can tell you is that I have felt super good, I have felt much better … “, he said.

“I came as a recommendation from my husband, he had facial paralysis ten years ago and he within the treatments that he was doing was this type of therapy and despite what happened to me it was not a total facial paralysis, but a partial one. It’s what I have right now, it doesn’t show too much, but I do see it… ”Alejandra Espinoza said nervously.

Is the treatment to relieve Alejandra Espinoza strong? Consists of waves

The Mexican takes rehab

The doctor in charge of treating Alejandra Espinoza, the therapist Nena Agusti will focus on giving the driver a comprehensive well-being, physically and emotionally speaking, as she explained: “This is a quantum energy therapy, this is created by a quantum physicist from NASA and they are simply quantum waves directed at health… ”, said the woman.

To later explain that the objective of this, in addition to alleviating Alejandra Espinoza’s partial facial paralysis, is to ‘fix’ each health zone in her life: “The health of the physical, emotional, mental and energetic body … I work with frequencies of love , hormonal balance, activating serotonin, dopamine ”, said the specialist.

Alejandra Espinoza feels better in her health after treatment

Alejandra Espinoza

“My intention is always to give them pure joys.” After denouncing medical negligence, the Mexican driver and model Alejandra Espinoza reappears as no one would have imagined, in addition to the fact that she could not be saved from the claim of some of her followers.

It was through her official Instagram account where the television presenter ‘broke’ the silence that she had forced herself to take by uploading an image in which she is seen accompanied by her parents and her little son Matteo from the beach. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ALEJANDRA ESPINOZA IN HER TREATMENT.

Celebrities react to the reappearance in networks of Alejandra Espinoza

Celebrities react to the reappearance in networks of Alejandra Espinoza
Instagram photo

The Mexican host Karla Martínez was one of the first celebrities to react to the photo shared by Alejandra Espinoza and did not hesitate to congratulate her on her family, while the presenter and model Clarissa Molina shared several emojis.

“May you get better and may God be with you always”, “How good to see you well”, “God has wonderful plans for you”, “Lower two lines at your own pace”, “Praying for a speedy recovery, my beautiful Ale”, ” You do not have anything that does not have treatment ”, you can read in some comments.

What happened to Alejandra Espinoza?

What happened to Alejandra Espinoza?
Instagram photo

It was in the first days of October that rumors began to circulate that the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2007 had been hospitalized in an emergency, although until that moment, the exact reason was not known.

Her husband, Aníbal Marrero, shared an image on his social networks where he thanked the support of all the people who were keeping an eye on Alejandra Espinoza’s health, in addition to revealing that for him, as head of the family, all this “has been very hard”.

“They have no idea how horrible it was,” the presenter was scared

Instagram photo

But it was until the Mexican driver and model decided to upload a video from the hospital to clarify what illness she had that her followers were at peace, although perhaps they did not imagine how serious this situation was.

“I feel super blessed to have so many people praying for me, they have been really good, very difficult days, of a lot of stress, of a lot of uncertainty. The only reason I swear to you that I am making this video is because my neurologist has just left ”(Filed under: After reporting medical malpractice, Alejandra Espinoza reappears as no one would have imagined).

“They did several studies”: Alejandra Espinoza and said that she had no diagnosis

Instagram photo

In this same video, which was taken up by several Instagram accounts, Alejandra Espinoza confessed that she arrived at the hospital as if she were a patient with a stroke, but later as if she had paralysis, which was finally ruled out.

“From yesterday to today, they have no idea how horrible it was. I don’t know if I mentioned them to you a moment ago, but in the next few days I am going to make a video where I will tell you exactly how I got to this point, that is, to this day, but now that I am calmer, since I am In the House”.

“I was losing the visibility of the right eye,” said the presenter.

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“But thank God it is nothing of what I already mentioned, it was not a stroke, it was not multiple sclerosis, which is what really worried me in recent days because suddenly I had a problem that I could not See, I was losing visibility in my right eye ”, mentioned Alejandra Espinoza.

At that time, the television presenter assured that she was already well, something that can be confirmed in this image that came up from the beach with her parents and her little son Matteo, although several people noticed the absence of her husband.