Alejandra Espinoza confirms that she will no longer be able to have babies

Alejandra Espinosa.

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Alejandra Espinoza confirms that she will no longer be able to have babies, at least biologically. So he did in his Podcast ‘Between Sisters’ that she shares with Damaris Jiménezwhere she even detailed that in recent months she had visited the doctor a lot, which led her to assume that she will not be able to get pregnant again.

Back to the podcast that she shares with her sister Damaris Jiménez, ‘Entre Hermanas’ of Pitaya Entertainment, after a long break on his part while he was recording the telenovela ‘Corazón Guerrero’, Ale and Damaris took advantage of the meeting to answer questions.

They had not chosen a specific theme but rather a re-connection with the public by answering what they wanted to know. The first to ask was Damaris, and she chose one of the most repeated questions that she was asked in the message that she left on her social networks. Which? If Ale was going to have another child.

Alejandra Espinoza and her sister Damaris Jimenez
Alejandra Espinoza and her sister Damaris Jiménez. Photo: Courtesy Latin Icons

I had never answered that question as confidently as I am going to answer it right now, this as I am going to say it now… Never, ever, ever… Now I can get pregnant, I can’t get pregnant anymore… It is a fact that I no longer, maybe adopt, or whatever will be later, that we are already prepared as a family but not anymore, definitely not“, he said bravely and with as much security, as tranquility.

Faced with this confession, her sister wanted to expand on the subject, and why and to be sure that it was not, at least biologically.

I had always had to answer: ‘Later, maybe, who knows when’… Right now I can’t anymore, I’ve been to the doctor a lot in recent months, and I’m pretty calmneither stressed, nor wanting to cry ”, he continued explaining in the Podcast ‘Between Sisters’.

Although he explained that he does not rule out looking for another way to give him that little brother that Matteo asks so much of, he also made it clear what he would not do to achieve it:

Not a surrogate mother, that is something I would not do, those who have done very well, and each one with his life, and I fully respect the decision of each person. I consider that if for some reason I cannot have a child naturally, it is because God has some plan for my life, that of going to look for someone else when many children or many families need someone to take care of a baby.… That is a very way of seeing things and I greatly respect those who do it, that perhaps seeing yourself reflected in the eyes of a child is very important for many women or for many men or to see the resemblance, but in my case perhaps because I already have Matteo, it would not be a plan, “he assured.

On more than one occasion, since we’ve known her, Alejandra has revealed that the great dream of her life was to be a mother. After married Aníbal Marrero, one of the most hopeful and at the same time the most difficult processes arrived: the attempt and the loss of several of them.

“These are things that happen, it is difficult to face it, I’m not the only person who has gone through these things, when it happens to you if you think there is something against you, you think ‘Why me?’ It was very difficult for me to tell because I had never talked about it with anyone.but once I got it out of my system I felt much more relaxed, better,” she said. Alejandra in 2015 after confessing that she had lost three pregnanciesand he still did not know that the miracle of Matteo’s arrival awaited him.

that pregnancy, and That dream fulfilled was not easy for Alejandra either, it represented a lot of care, many daily injections so that everything would have the happy ending it had when on March 11, 2015, her little miracle named Aiden Matteo Marrero Espinoza arrived..

And although she promised him that at the age of 7 she would give him a little brother, life has taken her down another path and, as she herself confirms in her Podcast, she will no longer be able to have a baby biologically, but it is possible that, when they are ready as a family, they will adopt a child.


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