Alejandra Espinoza health problem that she suffers and does not feel comfortable

  • Television presenter Alejandra Espinoza confessed something that shocked everyone
  • Is Alejandra Espinoza’s health deteriorating? She tells us what happens to herself
  • Her pants no longer tight despite her slim and toned body

Alejandra Espinoza in poor health? The host of Nuestra Belleza Latina, from Univisión, has a slim and toned body, so no one imagined that she is going through a complicated and uncomfortable problem that even causes her pants not to close.

As reported by ‘People in Spanish’, the Mexican published a video on her official Facebook account where she explains what has been happening to her health for weeks that she has been quite uncomfortable to such a degree that she cannot dress as she wishes for a hormonal problem.

Alejandra Espinoza with health problem

Alejandra Espinoza
Twitter: Alejandra Espinoza

The Mexican said that although we see her ‘almost perfect’ in Nuestra Belleza Latina, she has had an uncomfortable health problem for several weeks, because Alejandra Espinoza is suffering from fluid retention: “It is a hormonal problem, fluid retention but cannon,” he began. saying in the video.

“I can gain 10, 11, 12 pounds … I’m like this for a week a month more or less, so right now I’m on it, but the pounds don’t matter, the problem is discomfort,” said Alejandra Espinoza, and later impacted her followers by showing her swollen lower belly that looks like she is days pregnant …

Alejandra Espinoza’s uncomfortable health problem

Alejandra Espinoza health

Alejandra Espinoza commented that her health is good, but unfortunately this fluid retention that happens to her happens at least once a month and she is very uncomfortable because her pants do not close and she has to endure that her body by itself returns to The normality’.

“You may think that it is not much, but for me it is, it seems that I am several months pregnant, 3 or 4, and it is not that you gain weight, it is the discomfort that I feel,” said Alejandra Espinoza while the belly and showed his followers the swelling he suffers.

Alejandra Espinoza swollen lower belly

Alejandra Espinoza health

However, the inflammation of the lower belly is not the only thing that Alejandra Espinoza suffers with this hormonal change, because according to her words she also presents sweating, hair loss, headache and even changes in the vocal cords, so so ‘ good health ‘is not as claimed.

“There are times when I get up at dawn and I can even squeeze the shirt that I’m in doubt, wet that I have to change the sheets. Headaches that they give me are also horrible, “he continued to tell his followers who did not expect the Mexican to present that.

The Mexican talked about her problem and what happens to her in addition to fluid retention

The Mexican battles with her health

Another problem that afflicts her is hair loss: “It is normal for your hair to fall out, but not in very large quantities, and it has to be treated … sometimes they are hormonal problems that we do not know we have, that among a lot of things… ”, said the Mexican, alerting her followers to the importance of taking care of health.

“Sometimes they tell me that I have a hoarse voice, because it turns out that the voice change is also due to a hormonal problem,” said Alejandra Espinoza, who already has her hormonal problem in the hands of a doctor so that he can try to solve it and not aggravate it. a more alarming health situation.

Her health problem makes her uncomfortable and Alejandra Espinoza has already gone to the doctor

The presenter has a hormonal problem

Along with her work activities, Alejandra Espinoza continues with her daily routine as a mother and also with taking care of her body with training, however, she said that her doctor is doing tests and analyzes to determine what is happening with her problem of health.

“In a few weeks I am going to tell you what it is like when I have had blood tests done and I am going to tell you why I think many women go through it without knowing it. The doctor told me that I have to eat well and lead my life as healthy and balanced as up to now ”, concluded Alejandra Espinoza.

Alejandra Espinoza goes to the doctor to check her son

Son doctor
PHOTO Instagram

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor. The Mexican presenter and actress Alejandra Espinoza has been showing concern in recent weeks, this due to the health of her young son Matteo. The celebrity tells that her son has been showing a sore throat, a condition that sometimes goes and sometimes comes. Through a video shared on the Univisión Famosos Instagram account, you can see the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2007 recounting the experience she had to live next to her son Matteo, who has shown discomfort in the throat for what they had to go to the doctor.

The concern he had was so great that he had to take the little one to the doctor, to make sure that the problem was not greater: “The only thing we did was make sure that everything is fine, to be able to take action on it. That sore throat is from when you don’t want to do things, ”said Alejandra Espinoza. After going to the doctor, everything seems to indicate that the discomfort in your child’s throat is not a major problem. Causing greater tranquility in the Mexican actress and her followers, who are aware of what she shares on her social media accounts, where she updates her son’s health status.

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: Everything under control

Doctor son: Everything under control
PHOTO Instagram

Even in her Instagram account, Alejandra Espinoza shared a statement where she mentions that she went to the doctor and the good news did arrive for the presenter and model: “It seems that we are in the park, but no. It is the doctor and everything is under control thanks to God ”, wrote.

It should be remembered that recently the Mexican said that she had the scare of her life, when her son Matteo was drowning when he was eating a brownie and juice. The six-year-old in desperation asked his mother for help, which caused the biggest scare in his life.

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: Reaction of the followers

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: Reaction of the followers
PHOTO Instagram

Immediately the followers showed their concern for the health of the family of the Mexican actress and model and began to leave their messages of support and encouragement for Alejandra. It is worth mentioning that many users appreciated that the six-year-old is already much better.

“They look so beautiful and tender, God bless them”, “beautiful, GOD bless and protect them always, amen”, “they are super beautiful, God bless and protect them”, “so beautiful and precious that child”, “hello How are you, beautiful friend? Kisses and successes for you and your family friend ”, were some of the comments.

“It is a pleasure to have Matteo as a patient,” says the doctor.

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: "It is a pleasure to have Matteo as a patient"
PHOTO Instagram

It is worth mentioning that some Internet users mentioned the excellent service of the doctor where Alejandra Espinoza went to check her son for the discomfort in the throat, which sometimes it gives him and other times it does not. Even the doctor himself took the time to comment on the Mexican’s post.

“Thank you!!! It is a pleasure to have Matteo as a patient. Matteo with his personality and cheerful character makes my work day not feel like work. My patients teach me a lot and leave me stories and tales that give me a perennial smile at the end of a long day. Blessings and may God bless them and their family, ”the doctor wrote. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

The terrible experience that happened

Alejandra Espinoza son doctor: The terrible experience that happened
PHOTO: Instagram

Before it was known that Alejandra Espinoza took her son to the doctor for a sore throat, she told her followers on Facebook one of the scariest experiences in her life. The host of Nuestra Belleza Latina commented that her six-year-old son Matteo went through a scare when he was eating a brownie and juice during a flight they had to Puerto Rico.

The six-year-old boy began to drown during the flight and the only thing he could tell his mother was to help him; She, faced with the despair of the child, did not know how to react. Fortunately, it was just a great scare and it was left to tell it as an anecdote, since a few minutes later, Matteo was in perfect condition. Some images of this note come from this and this videos