Alejandra Espinoza reveals the result of the accident that destroyed her face when she hit a wall

Alejandra Espinoza shows her disfigured face: After the strong blow suffered by the Mexican actress, she now reveals her face and shows the results...
  • The Mexican actress shows the results of the blow she suffered
  • Alejandra Espinoza suffers a terrible accident and breaks her lip
  • She tells how her experience happened: “I was very upset.”

Alejandra Espinoza shows her disfigured face. Two days ago, the beautiful Mexican actress suffered a terrible accident. As it turns out, she was playing with her son when suddenly, without realizing what was around her, she crashed into a wall, causing her lip to bleed unimaginably.

The images were shared by the actress of ‘Corazón Guerrero’ (Warrior Heart) the day the events occurred, which, it should be noted, are not suitable for all audiences, much less for those who are sensitive. Now, she shows how her face looks after three days.

Alejandra Espinoza shows her disfigured face: How did the situation occur?

PHOTO: Instagram
PHOTO: Instagram

It all started when Alejandra Espinoza uploaded a message where she mentions: “If I tell you what happened to me, you won’t believe it, but here I leave you a picture,” reads the publication. Immediately, the Mexican actress shared a snapshot where she left everyone with their mouths open.

In the photo you can see Alejandra, who suffered an accident, with a bloody mouth, so speculation began about what had happened to her. Chamonic on Instagram, later explained what happened “She was playing soccer with Matteo and was running when she turned to the front (running) she didn’t notice that there was a pole and when she turned around she hit the pole,” he said.


PHOTO: Getty Images
PHOTO: Getty Images

Now, a few days after the painful accident, Alejandra decided to upload a video to her Facebook account where, with a complete sense of humor, she talks about how things happened in detail, but also shows her audience how her lip was left after the bloody event.

I had a lot of blood; the firemen swore that Aníbal had hit me. They started to check the car to see if there were signs that he had hit me, they checked his hands, it was very strange,” explained the Mexican actress while recording herself for her Facebook account.

Shows the results of the accident

Alejandra Espinoza shows her disfigured face
PHOTO: Instagram

The former model showed how her face was left, where she can still be seen quite swollen from the blow. However, she assured that she is calmer, and that the moment she lived was quite painful and that she even cried a lot: “At the time I cried a lot, I was hysterical… now I’m laughing, but it was very strong, it was very ugly to get to the floor, I fainted and everything,” she said.

Although the circumstances were completely painful, Alejandra Espinoza assured that it didn’t happen. “It could have been much worse, but all I have to do is laugh about what happened. I have recovered very quickly,” she said with a very positive attitude.

Alejandra Espinoza shows her disfigured face: Will she postpone her projects?

Alejandra Espinoza shows her disfigured face
PHOTO: Facebook/ Alejandra Espinoza

However, Alejandra has projects that she has to finish, as she is in the middle of shooting a new movie since she is not in Mexico but in the United States, and she hopes to be back in her native country soon.

With makeup, everything will look better,” he said. Even though the blow was one of the biggest scares she has suffered, Alejandra is currently doing very well, and her recovery has been progressing quite quickly, as she was out walking with her 7-year-old son yesterday.

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