Alejandra Espinoza: “‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ is a place where they let them shine”

Alejandra Espinoza was the first queen of ‘Our Latin Beauty’… And with the authority that comes from having lived it and watching each of the seasons inside and outside the Univision reality show, he says: “It is a place where they let them shine”.

The beloved Mexican, who knew bullying head-on, today won the title of being one of America’s most important presenters, but it was only during 2020 and the world closure that he could see that no one has given him anything, that everything he has achieved in his life and in his career has been because he has worked hard.

In two days, this coming September 26 at 8/7 PM Central, begins the new season of the most watched reality show on Univision, which this year is looking for a 360 woman, the future talent of the chain, and Alejandra Espinoza, the one who had the most difficult road and who is again the presenter today, talks about everything.

-We had to wait 3 years to have them back, how was this time for you that seemed like it would never come?

Alejandra Espinoza: To be honest, it was a time that I used to learn from myself. I had lived such a hectic life for 14 years, and I kind of never stopped to think and to analyze the things that I had done in my life, and all that I had achieved. I was in my house, with my family, calm.

-In this break, obligatory for everyone, what did you learn from yourself?

Alejandra Espinoza: Things I already knew but hadn’t worked on me … I learned to be patientI’m very impatient, I want everything fast, and I don’t rest until I get it. To prepare when things come in due time, to value the things I do. Many times you look for someone else to give you value, and I I learned this year to value myself, to realize that most of the things I have accomplished in my life, not most, all the things that I have achieved in my life, it has been because I have done a lot, because I have worked a lot, because I have stopped doing many things in my life to be where I am, and that before I did not even put it in my head, I did not even think about it … When someone tends to tell you: “how good you did this, Your work is very good ”, many times one does not accept it as it should be accepted, and I have worked on that, I have worked to accept things because I deserve it, because I have worked and it is nothing that one believes, no, it is simply because one tries.

-Every time a season of ‘Our Latin Beauty’ begins, you remember your growth, everything you suffered, what you had to face … Today, that you are one of the most important presenters in the entertainment industry in the United States, how do you feel?

Alejandra Espinoza: First of all, thank you very much. I keep working on the part of accepting everything you just told me, because for me it is one more job, and I talk about this a lot with my husband, I tell him: “For me it is a job like any other job, I enjoy what I do, I prepare myself to do things“… How does it feel? It feels spectacular. Now that I have the opportunity to see all these dreams of these participants, obviously I remember the moment when I was there, in the time when i had those crazy dreams too, which for many people could be crazy dreams, however, it is very exciting to see them, to be able to feel this nervousness of not knowing what is going to happen to your life, of not knowing if you pass … When you see September 26 our Latin Beauty you are going to realize that The girls are so prepared, that they can unleash many of them in front of cameras and they will do an excellent jobBut twenty thousand times better than I did when I was queen.

Alejandra Espinoza

-The Show, as you evolved, what do you want today and what not?

Alejandra Espinoza: The girls who They do not come prepared to the audition of ´Nuestra Belleza Latina´ very bad for them sincerely, because they have had the opportunity to see 11 editions of wildebeestestra Latina Beauty´, to realize what you are looking for, in the way in which they can be prepared. I’m not saying that they have to come 100% ready, but they already have a base of what is needed. In ´Nuestra Belleza Latinto They will be trained, they will be helped … When I participated I had no focus, I came to a contest to see what happened, to see where I could have a chance. Nevertheless, they come very focused and that gives them half way forward. The judges are going to be very demanding, because the participants deserve it.

-You have been conducting many shows, including ´Nuestra Belleza Latina ‘, what did you learn from the past to repeat, and not to repeat?

Alejandra Espinoza: I am surprised by each program, yes I observe my work a lot, before I did not like to do it, but suddenly I discovered that by observing the things you do, you always find ways to improve. I don’t like to know what is going to happen, who they are going to eliminate, or which girls are going to be in danger.. I ask the production to let me be surprised as well as the public, I am fans of ´Nuestra Belleza Latina´, regardless of working on the show or not. It is a project that changed my life, and that gives me great pleasure to see girls who arrive with the same enthusiasm that I arrived at some point, and also realize that just the simple fact that a person picks up their phone and votes for you, can change your life.

Our Latin Beauty 2021

-Did you ever imagine that you were going to share and work with Daniella Álvarez and Adal Ramones?

Alejandra Espinoza: I’ve always been a fan of Adal. I remember from ´Another roll´, they gave it super late, and they never let me see it, because the content was not appropriate for this server at that age. I was always at the door, I loved it. Now that I had the opportunity to meet him, already in person, and to see the way he deals with the other judges, I realized that my admiration had a reasonHe’s incredible, he’s a very prepared person, he’s going to contribute a lot to the girls. Regardless of the area where the girl wants to develop, Adal is going to have a good comment to give her, because she is a very prepared person …

Daniella is a girl that I admire very much, very sweet, she is a girl who also has a lot to contribute, who has been through a lot and yet she is at the foot of the canyon, she is working hard, She is ready to face whatever comes, and I think that also inspires the girls, it inspires me, and really that when I have stood in front of the four judges, when I listen to them speak, I learn.

– What do you think Osmel Sousa would say if he saw them?

Alejandra Espinoza: I think Osmel would be scared, he would be scared and I’m going to tell you why: Because he would realize how many prepared girls are out there, and you haven’t had a chance. For me it is the beauty of ´Nuestra Latina Belleza´ you realize how many people are out there, looking for an opportunity, looking for someone to see them, looking for someone to give them a microphone so they can shine, and our Latin Beauty It’s that, it’s a place where you let them shine, where they give him the opportunity for someone to see them, and I do think that Osmel would be surprised in a very good way.

– What would you say to the girls who are going to face the challenge without the ‘Instagram filter’?

Alejandra Espinoza: I think showing you really such and how you are is the only easy way to stand outThe only one, because the Instagram filters are already literally a filter that makes you look prettier or the filters also where you suddenly record and erase it and record it again and erase it again … Here, in ´Nuestra Belleza Latina´, we are going to really see them as they are, to listen to what they think without saying again: “Cut and go again.”… No, we are going to find out who they are, and we are going to discover, perhaps, perhaps, the other side of the girl that we follow on social networks, because that can also happen.



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