Alejandra Espinoza puppy: Alejandra Espinoza makes plea

  • You still can’t find your puppy
  • Alejandra Espinoza makes a call from the bottom of her heart
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Devastated and with her heart in her hand. The Mexican driver, Alejandra Espinoza is devastated by the loss of her puppy Aquiles, who has been missing since last week, a few weeks after the model left the hospital after several complications in her health, the Mexican asks with her heart in the hand to help her look for it.

The tragedies do not seem to leave the life of the Mexican model and host, Alejandra Espinoza, and it is that after being known that the host of Nuestra Belleza Latina was admitted to the hospital several weeks ago, today she laments for the loss of his beloved companion Achilles, a Siberian Husky-type dog.

Alejandra Espinoza is still looking for her puppy Achilles

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It was last November 3 when the 34-year-old driver, Alejandra Espinoza revealed that her beloved dog named Aquiles had strayed from her parents’ house, causing the Mexican’s family a notable bewilderment and sadness, at that time, Alejandra reported that the little dog had a chip and a name on its collar.

Through her social networks, Alejandra posted several photographs of her puppy, while giving a ‘password’ of how it was and where it had been lost: “Hello everyone, two days ago Achilles, our dog left my house. parents, who were taking care of him, in Chula Vista California ”.

Destroyed and with her heart in her hand, Alejandra Espinoza continues looking for her puppy Achilles

Destroyed and with her heart in her hand, Alejandra Espinoza continues looking for her puppy Achilles
PHOTO: Instagram

After this, Alejandra Espinoza confessed that she had hope that the puppy would return, however she did not: “We had the hope that it would return but it still does not, it has a name tag and chip. I already looked for it in different kennels and nothing. If by chance someone knows something, I would greatly appreciate the information ”.

“He is very affectionate and friendly, I would not be surprised if he was at someone’s house,” concluded Alejandra Espinoza when she revealed that her beloved dog had not yet returned, despite the fact that the animal had a name and information on the collar.

His puppy and Alejandra Espinoza’s son were great friends

His puppy and Alejandra Espinoza's son were great friends
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And it is that despite the fact that his previous publication had reached 27 thousand likes and thousands of shares, three days after being published, the puppy Achilles still does not appear, stating that they were still looking for the Husky puppy, the which has been lost since November 3.

On this occasion, Alejandra Espinoza now shared several videos of Achilles playing with her son Matteo, as well as sharing several moments together, noting that the little one and the puppy were great friends, filling him with kisses and hugs, collecting more than 23 thousand likes and endless reactions.

She is still looking for her puppy, Alejandra Espinoza is still looking for Achilles

She is still looking for her puppy, Alejandra Espinoza is still looking for Achilles
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At the bottom of the publication, Alejandra Espinoza once again emphasized that she was still looking for her dog Achilles, giving information that could help people find him: “We are still looking for Achilles. Please if anyone has any information send me a DM. He wears a black collar with red. It should be in or around Chula Vista California. “

Before this request, many followers sent her beautiful messages of support, assuring that they were looking for the dog everywhere, a user told her that she could check an application’s app, to be able to find it faster and easier, hopefully Alejandra will soon be able to find your pet. VIDEO OF YOUR SEARCHING FOR YOUR PUPPY HERE

After being discharged, Alejandra Espinoza assures that she suffered medical negligence

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What a scare Alejandra Espinoza caused her followers after the news was given that she had to be hospitalized in an emergency, but now, after being discharged, the Mexican driver and model assures that she suffered medical negligence. It was through her podcast Between Sisters, which she hosts with Damaris Jiménez, that the television presenter did not remain silent and told the whole truth.

“The reality was that I ran into a bad doctor. I go to the emergency room, they do all the tests and the doctor I run into, the neurologist at the hospital where I am admitted, that neurologist was a very bad neurologist, ”revealed Alejandra Espinoza, who shared that this neurologist started it to medicate as if he had suffered a seizure of epilepsy, but that medicine was very strong, not counting the scares it gave him.

“What I experienced those days in the hospital was very strong”

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In this same broadcast of her podcast, the winner of the first edition of Nuestra Belleza Latina, Alejandra Espinoza, recalled that the neurologist, whom she points out as having committed medical negligence, asked her if there was someone in her family who suffered from multiple sclerosis, already that he believed that ‘that’s where things go’.

“Do you know what went through my head at that moment? What I experienced those days in the hospital was very strong because nobody knew how to tell me anything. My exams came and it was like everything is fine, but the doctor said: ‘I think that this is where things are going,’ “said the beautiful television presenter.

The Mexican driver and model assures that she had no aches or pains

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The host of Nuestra Belleza Latina, a program to which she will return this coming Sunday, commented that the doctor was not ‘correct’ in her diagnosis: “I had no pain, I had no discomfort. What did make me very sick was the medicine, the medicine. It was like a very big discomfort for the medicine he gave me ”.

“The discomfort I had was due to the medicine and the bad neurologist I had. So it was a very heavy week, but simply and simply because of what I came across, not because I had a bad physique ”, shared Alejandra Espinoza with her followers, who at all times were aware of her health.

Alejandra Espinoza did not hesitate to ask for a second opinion

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Seeing that this doctor literally did not ‘give one’, the Mexican driver and model, born on March 27, 1987 in Tijuana, Baja California, went to another neurologist, who immediately noticed her colleague’s error, as he did not understand the why they gave him medicine for epilepsy.

“I didn’t understand why they gave me the medicine they gave me, I didn’t understand that doctor why he told me everything else the doctor told me. I ran into the wrong doctor, that was the reality ”. To date, Alejandra Espinoza has not given more statements other than what she expressed in her podcast, as if she wanted to turn the page soon.

He thanks God for getting through this bad time

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Almost to conclude her ‘confession’, the television presenter Alejandra Espinoza did not want to miss the opportunity to thank God because, apparently, everything is fine and this situation did not happen to adults: “They still have to follow me doing exams and stuff, but I know it’s nothing. What happened to me was a migraine ”.

“Migraines, which for many people can say ‘it’s a headache’, even headaches, and I tell you that as a testimony, we have to review them. Mine was a silent migraine because I had no pain, however, that migraine can turn into something very dangerous, so that migraine caused me to paralyze for two days ”.

They found a nodule in the thyroid

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It should be noted that the host of Nuestra Belleza Latina, a contest that she won in its first edition in 2007, did not completely free her, because when examining her at the hospital, they found that she had a nodule in her thyroid, which has to be checked. coming soon. His fans joined in prayers to ask for his health.

And although she says that they found “a lot of things”, she has faith that everything will be fine, so she is calm and very happy to have returned home with her husband, Aníbal Marrero, and her little son Matteo. : “I am happy that I can return to having my normal life,” he concluded. Some images of this note come from this and this videos.