Alejandra Espinoza says that her religious beliefs do not allow her to dress up her son on Halloween

Alejandra Espinoza gave interesting statements on her podcast “Entre Hermanas”. In this one she talked about the reasons why she does not dress up her son Matteo for the Halloween festivities. And it is that according to he said, his religious beliefs do not allow or do not see with good eyes that they disguise themselves as monsters or the undead.

For me it is very important not to celebrate it because, within what God means in my life, it’s like disrespecting the way he blesses me, ”said the host of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

“They always tell me why I don’t dress up Matteo and that’s why. I always tell him that I doubt that God likes to see people disguised as the devil, zombie or those ugly things, I always talk to him about religion at home and he understands it perfectly“Added the model and star of soap operas on Univision.

Alejandra also emphasized that if her son ever wanted to be part of this practice, that is, dress up to go to school, that she would not help him in that process. And it seems that to return home this one should regress without the disguise.

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