Alejandra Espinoza uncovers the true face of several beauty influencers, which is why she has stopped following them on Instagram

In today’s entertainment world there are two soups: we have famous people because they appear in the movies, on television or because they belong to the music industry. And now, we also have the new celebrities that are part of the world of influencers, whether for fashion or beauty, among others.

About these last Alexandra Espinoza He has been speaking on his podcast “Between sisters”. The sad news is that according to Espinoza, not everything is what it seems. This reality led her to unfollow several of these new celebrities in the cosmetic world.

The protagonist of “Amor Guerrero” ran into these influencers at a beauty convention. And about the experience, this is what she has had to share with her public: “I went to a beauty convention in Los Angeles and all these beauty bloggersI swear to you, without lying to you, the vast majority were completely something else than what you see on Instagram.

Sadly, having realized all of the above led her to such a disappointment that: “When I got home I stopped following everything that was about beauty because I saw it with my own eyes.”

Alejandra Espinoza explained that there, at that convention, she saw how some of them really are. Accepting that many are only appearance, since they are not as nice as they are shown on their social networks or on their YouTube channels. She said that what she saw there made her realize the “unreal world” that exists there, too, because we must remember that this position also applies to the other branches of entertainment that we mentioned at the beginning.

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