Alejandra Guzmán invited Erik Rubín to tour with Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio, Erik Rubín and Alejandra Guzmán formed one of the most controversial love triangles of the 90s (Photo: Instagram/Cuartoscuro)

Alejandra Guzman revealed that he invited Erik Rubin to the tour very bitchy with Pauline Rubio; Andrea Legarreta confirmed that the Queen of Hearts She made the proposal to her husband, but he could not accept.

On April 15, Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzmán will show how they have managed to iron out their rough edges over the years, as they will begin their Perrísimas Tour in United States. The singers were so excited and willing to perform these concerts that they even they invited Erik Rubinthe origin of their lawsuit, to accompany them on stage.

In a press conference held on March 17, given by the interpreter of I was waiting for you about his reunion with golden girl for his tour, he confessed that he would like Rubín to join very bitchybut first should have the permission of Andrea Legarreta.

I did tell him: ‘Hey, Erik, come‘. It would be great if it showed up. I don’t know if his wife left him, therein lies the problem, but the truth is that I adore Andrea (Legarreta) and I love Erik very much. I have respected him and I admire him as an artist, and of course, always in rock and roll everything goes “

Alejandra Guzman Erik Rubin
Guzmán confessed that he did invite Erik Rubín to the tour, but he may not be able to join (Photo: Instagram/@erikrubinfans)

This March 18, Andrea Legarreta responded to Guzmán and the permission that her husband would have to ask for in order to get on stage with his former partner from Timbiriche and the rock diva.

The presenter said during the broadcast of Today that Alejandra’s comment amused him, but Rubín doesn’t have to ask her permission to be able to work wherever he likes. “It makes me laugh that they say that if he would give him permission, You don’t have to ask my permission for anything.really no, I’ve said it a thousand times, really, “said Andrea.

He also confessed that yes there was an approach In order to finalize her husband’s participation in the tour, however, an agreement could not be reached since Erik has a tight schedule, but she would have liked him to participate.

“The truth, yes, they had already invited himI want to tell you, nothing more than they did not adjustThank God he has a lot of work, they didn’t adjust because there are many dates and the truth is that when he told me, I said: ‘it’s incredible!’, it really is incredible, “revealed the presenter.

Paulina Rubio and Erik Rubin
Paulina Rubio has stated that Erik was her “soulmate”, so to this day she cares for him (Photo: Twitter/@madonnoniko)

Legarreta added that she has a good relationship with the two singers, mainly with Alejandra, whom she considers a friend and with whom she has shared important moments in her life, so she has no problem with her participating in Erik in Perrísimas.

“With the two I already shared jobs, I shared interviews, I tell you, I was at my Ale’s weddingthat I love her, that I admire her, I find it spectacular. Thank you for what you said about me in the interview love, and the truth is that in the end I do think it would be very attractive, “said Andrea.

And it is that the enmity between the Golden Girl and La Guzmán dates back to the 90s, when both singers realized that they were in a love triangle because Erik Rubín had had an affair with one, to later end the relationship and start with another. That is why Alejandra launched her song Hey Gueraalluding that Paulina had interfered in the sentimental relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

To which Rubio turned interpreting the song Ownwhich became the scandal that showed their rivalry and exposed who was the person who made them face each other.


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