Alejandra Guzmán’s security chief is arrested for drug trafficking

Alejandra Guzmán’s security chief is arrested for drug trafficking

Controversy surrounds once again Alejandra Guzman, this time because his head of security, Carlos Peralta, was arrested in Mexico City accused of the crime of drug trafficking.

According to the information provided by the journalist Carlos Jiménez through Twitter, the arrest was carried out by elements of the Secretary of Security of Mexico City and at the time of his capture he was carrying 100 bags of cocaine, 64 of marijuana, one pistol and auto parts stolen.

In addition, he identified himself as the father of another criminal known as “El Ahuatl” and without mentioning that he was part of the rocker’s security team, he only assured that he was working as an escort in an important company promoting shows.

Arrested with the Ahuatl, he is part of Alejandra Guzmán‘s security team. It’s Carlos Peralta“, Sentenced the journalist in the publication along with a series of photographs in which he is seen living with the singer and her work team.

In addition to this, Gustavo Adolfo Infante confirmed in the program ‘De Primera Mano’ that Carlos Peralta was in charge of designing the security logistics of the events in which the daughter of Enrique Guzmán appeared; that he even met him and he himself witnessed that the alleged criminal made way for the “Queen of Hearts” among those attending his shows.

When I went to León, Guanajuato, he is the one who accompanied her in the palenque when she approaches the public, when she is walking in the ring. That man is the one who grabs her by the waist, carries her, lowers her, carries her, traveled with her on airplanes and everything, he was her head of security, but I don’t think Alejandra knew this“They were part of the activities he carried out, from what is known recently.

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