Alejandro Chabán ready for a new dream: Having two children

Since he decided to take charge of his life, both personally and at work, Alejandro Chaban has become a dream fulfillment machine, own and others and today, while his company ‘Yes You Can’ continues to grow, just think about one thing: having children.

Chabán, who this coming Saturday, August 28, begins a new tour: ‘Live Healthy’ in Los Angeles, with his intention to transform and give job opportunities under his already empire Yes You Can, He also celebrates that he has just fulfilled another dream: be with your company in Mexico.

One day before this great event, absolutely free, where motivational and nutrition talks will be given, we interviewed Chabán who, for the first time, talks about the pressure he feels to be an icon of healthy life.

-What is ‘Healthy Life’?
Alejandro Chabán: It is a motivational, nutrition and leadership conference for the entire Latino community where, as a family, we will be able to learn tools to improve the quality of our lives, transform our obstacles into opportunities … It is totally free to live together, to really pamper each other, and we have all the security measures to protect you from everything from Covid-19.

Alejandro Chaban
Alejandro Chabán begins a tour in Los Angeles. Photo: Latin Icons

-What is going to find who goes to the talk?
Alejandro Chabán: A totally free breakfast, we are going to have movement groups to dance together, we are going to learn, we are going to have different motivational and educational talks about nutrition, emotional health, movement and, obviously, the whole movement that consists of improving our quality of life.

-How did your life change when you discovered that you could be healthy?
Alejandro Chabán: I change in a drastic way because I realized that I have the power to be healthy every day… Every time I get up in the morning I have the possibility to choose what to eat, do 10 or 15 minutes of exercises, of movement, so that I can keep my body active and my life healthy … I discovered that the power of being healthy is in my hands at all times, and that it is about learning what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat, and in this way to be able to have the fundamental pillars to change our life.

-Being an icon of the change of life, in addition to being an accumulation of goals and dreams fulfilled, is it a pressure of not being able to make mistakes?
Alejandro Chabán: Yes, indeed, it’s a pressure when I’m eating in restaurants And everyone, from my colleagues, waiters, people in the kitchen is always looking at me: “What are you eating Chaban? Are you eating bread? Are you asking for juice with sugar, without sugar?” … I have learned to be honest and be real and say, well yes, I eat chilaquiles, and by the way I add a lot of cheese, I drink a delicious Jamaican water, I drink a pot of coffee, and my life is a balance … I try to be very transparent with people so that they see that this is a lifestyle, and there are no restrictions.

-After so many years of forming the ‘Yes You Can’ empire, what do you allow yourself and what not?
Alejandro Chabán: I allow myself to make mistakes, to learn from those mistakes, I allow myself to fall down and say “Wow, I was wrong”, and I have this wonderful team that helps me make better decisions.

-What is the product that you still dream of releasing?
Alejandro Chabán: I just fulfilled the dream because as of yesterday we are at Yes Yoy Can México, and that is a dream for me that I had and that I have just fulfilled. So all the people in Mexico can begin to transform their lives.

-What do you think of Fasting or intermittent fasting that is so fashionable now?
Alejandro Chabán: I believe that it is a way, like everything in life there are different ways to reach a goal. There are people for whom it works, my opinion is that I tried it and after several days it gave me a rebound effect because obviously after not eating for a good amount of hours this can happen and that was my experience … It is something that I could not carry as a method all my life, I think that those who work well, wonderful, but Eating small portions 5 times a day works for me honestly, have my routine of movements and, obviously, natural and nutritional supplements.

-What is Yes You Can for Ale boy and what will it be for Alejandro 40 years from now?
Alejandro Chabán: It is the conquest of my own dreams, and the power to overcome my own fears … I think Ale boy sees Yes You Can and says: “you did it, and we did it together”, because without Ale Niño Yes You Can would not exist. Somehow it’s the form of power, we, carry the message of everything that child suffered, and turn it into smiles for other people.

For Alejandro in forty years, by then I will be 80 years old, I will see Yes You Can as the footprint that I left in this universe, the footprint I left to help other people improve their physical and economic quality of life.

What is your next project?
Alejandro Chabán: It is to continue growing the family, growing Yes You Can, having children … I’m crazy to have my two children! They are going to be called Alejandrito and Alejandrita, If God allows it.

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