Alejandro Fernández devastated and disheveled by Paola Rojas photos

  • The appearance of Alejandro Fernández returns to be the object of criticism
  • The journalist Paola Rojas exhibited some ‘compromising’ photos of ‘El Potrillo’
  • Could it be that he is too worried and devastated for his father, Don Vicente?

Three months after Don Vicente Fernández is admitted to a hospital and his health has not improved in an advanced way, Alejandro Fernández is embarking on a tour of the United States with his son Álex and now, the journalist Paola Rojas took advantage of his presentation in San Diego to interview him and post some pictures next to him.

However, what seemed to be a cause for celebration for Alejandro Fernández‘s career and successful tour, ended in a series of ridicule and criticism for the image currently handled by the rancher singer, who was visibly devastated and disheveled, was displayed on the account. of Instagram of Paola Rojas.

Image of Alejandro Fernández is harshly criticized


And the fact is that the Fernández family is going through very complicated moments between happiness and sadness, with work activities in between and personal, because since Don Vicente Fernández is hospitalized, his wife, Doña Cuquita, has already had an operation, the Vicente Fernández Jr scandals They continue and Álex Fernández confirmed that he will be the father of a girl.

In addition, El Potrillo is going from strength to strength with his new girlfriend much younger than him and in the middle of the ‘Made in Mexico‘ tour, which he has with his son, he has been seen crying at the slightest provocation. death of your father and you are devastated? At least his physical image lets him see it …

Paola Rojas exhibits Alejandro Fernández for his physique

Alejandro Fernández devastated?  Paola Rojas with photos exposes it

In the Instagram images, the journalist Paola Rojas wrote: “In an interview with @alexoficial minutes before he goes on stage. # HechoEnMéxico ”, while posing embracing Alejandro Fernández who wears a white shirt, a black jacket and pants of the same tone, but his disheveled look caused a commotion.

The problem with the people who saw the photographs is that Alejandro Fernández looks quite ‘finished’, discouraged, and without taking care of his physical appearance with a days beard, gray hair everywhere and visibly tired, although it is not surprising given the whirlwind of emotions through which his family passes, however the critics had no mercy.

Alejandro Fernández poses with Paola Rojas and looks ‘finished’

Paola Rojas exhibits Alejandro Fernández

Before the images, people mercilessly commented on Alejandro Fernández’s outfit: “He looks very tired”, “Drugs destroy”, “He was raw”, “Only his voice remained… I have to confess that it is the best he has! !!!! ”,“ What a face of this man ”,“ Grandpa, how cute ”,“ Let him shave and fix himself what a pity ”, they commented.

But the criticism against Alejandro Fernández increased in intensity, before the photos with Paola Rojas: “Hahaha and a relative works with him and says that that foal is another pex … without comment”, “Because giving importance to a guy who was always indifferent to the people who made him famous, it is not worth it “,” Beautiful, nor who sees the other gay man “,” How finished that man looks “,” Paola and Chabela Vargas “,” How great he looks and not at all handsome ” , “He is getting worse every day.”

El Potrillo is branded as ‘the worst’ for his physical image

Alejandro Fernández exhibited at IG Paola Rojas

“Alejandro looks very sad and it is not for less”, “He brings a face of crude that can not with her”, “How damned he is”, “With all due respect but he has already lost all his gallantry and so young! I think he is smaller than Chayanne, hopefully and he recovers physically because his voice is perfect ”,“ He was raw ”, more people commented on the image of Alejandro Fernández.

And it is that the attitude that Alejandro Fernández has towards his physical image is no wonder, which is surely the last thing he thinks about because his father Vicente Fernández is struggling between life and death although there is still hope that he will manage to get out of the hospital and return home.

Criticisms of Alejandro Fernández are constant

Paola Rojas exhibits Alejandro Fernández

In the midst of very difficult moments for the health of his father, Vicente Fernández, Alejandro “El Potrillo”, surprises fans by appearing in shorts showing off his legs, however, he unleashes some criticism and the singer ruthlessly responds to all his detractors on social media.

It was through his Instagram account that the son of the “Charro de Huentitán” published several photographs in shorts, without imagining that a sector of the public would point out negatively the way he dressed, but Internet users were even more surprised, because this answered them.

His image is criticized

Alejandro Fernández in shorts
Instagram photo

And it is that while his father is bedridden, trying to recover from some health issues that keep him in a delicate state, his son and grandson cannot put aside their professional commitments and continue with their tours in various parts of Mexico. and the United States.

And while that happens, El Potrillo caused a stir on social networks with an unusual outfit, so much so that he powerfully attracted the attention of his fans, but some could not avoid pointing out negative points, so the artist did not stop to defend himself either.

Alejandro Fernández in shorts: “HEADING TO CHICAGO”

Instagram photo

In his post, Alejandro Fernández, who shows his legs, commented the following: “On the way to Chicago, I’ll wait for you there!” In the photographs, he is seen wearing blue denim shorts, black boots and a blue denim jacket, which immediately sparked criticism.

In some photos he is seen in a luxury vehicle, then getting on his private jet and in another from a ranch, perhaps his family’s. However, not even his father’s illness saved him from criticism from his detractors on social networks, but he was not prevented from responding either. Filed Under: Paola Rojas exhibits Alejandro Fernández.


The foal
Instagram photo

The account of Chicapicosa 2 captured the moment in which some people criticized Alejandro Fernández for his legs when they told him: “How deteriorated he looks”, to which he replied: “A mirror for the lady, hahaha”, It was one of the first responses he gave to negative reports.

One more person wrote the following: “This competitor looks haggard, he’s eating your life fast Alex, cheer up, even comb your hair.” And the Foal replied: “I would like to see you on tour, with personal pressure to see how you would look, it is very easy to judge, but the strange thing is that they never put themselves in your shoes or feel empathy. But at least I’m up in arms and complying ”. Filed Under: Paola Rojas exhibits Alejandro Fernández.

Al Potrillo has been criticized for years

Alejandro Fernández in shorts
Instagram photo

But then came the sarcastic comments when one person commented: “Would a construction worker in shorts are his safety boots look the same?” launched as questioning.

Then someone reproached him for being presumptuous and wrote: “You are already a symbol of Mexico and an idol, and outside of Mexico I think too, you don’t need to put those photos with expensive cars and airplanes having so much misery in your country, see the last post of resident (13th street) how he makes fun of whoever does that ”. And he answered: “So I’m going to walk or what did I ask…? Or on horseback so that it does not surprise them, hahaha jony the race is very crazy ”. Filed Under: Paola Rojas exhibits Alejandro Fernández.

Paola Rojas left it in evidence

The foal
Instagram photo

Then that same person responded to the comment and wrote to Alejandro Fernández on his legs: “I did not say that you were walking, fly in your jet, I would do the same, surely you know the resident singer, see his last post”, as from some way I wanted to insist that it was an example, but the Foal did not know left.

In a cheerful way and without disrespect, Vicente Fernández’s son replied: “I know him very well and he also flies on his plane, that’s what he works for, thanks for the tip, it’s a joke brother” and with this he ended the controversy of that comment about his luxuries on social media. Some images of this note come from this and this videos