El Potrillo may unite with Peso Pluma for an unforgettable musical collaboration

The possible musical union between Alejandro Fernandez and Peso Pluma, as the latter's unique corridos tumbados catch El Potrillo's eye.

Peso Pluma is the number one artist in Mexico. In the world, he is already recognized for his project in corridos bélicos and tumbados songs, and now this 23-year-old has caught the attention of one of the most important artists in the regional Mexican genre, Alejandro Fernandez, who belongs to one of the most important dynasties in the history of Mexican music.

The singer “El Potrillo” has a powerful and versatile voice. In addition, his charisma on stage and his dedication to music has led him to be recognized with several awards and recognitions throughout his career, among them the Latin Grammy, the Premio Lo Nuestro, and the Billboard Award.

It is within this panorama that has now drawn attention to the possibility that the famous singer could collaborate with Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, known as Peso Pluma, who has taken the corridos tumbados to a new international projection by being interviewed by “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, considered one of the most important programs on television globally.

El Potrillo” and Peso Pluma in a song together?

It should be noted that Alejandro Fernandez is one of the most important artists due to his musical trajectory, as he is known for being one of the pioneers in the fusion of ranchera music with other genres such as pop and mariachi, which has allowed him to have great success both in Mexico and abroad.

In the same category:

Alejandro Fernandez has also collaborated with other renowned artists such as Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, and Placido Domingo, which has broadened his reach and shown the versatility of his talent.

It is within this context that now, during a meeting with the press, the singer of “Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella” was questioned about the success of the musical genre of Corridos Tumbados achieved with exponents such as Peso Pluma and Natanael Cano. Contrary to Pepe Aguilar, the singer assured everyone he does not rule out the possibility of working together with the singer of songs such as “El Belicon,” so now the fans of both regional singers are waiting and hoping that both singers could make something concrete after the statements made by the son of “Don Chente.”

“Whatever is happening in regional Mexican and we can open doors forward, as I did at the time also for some singers, well that’s good, that is a benefit for all parties,” said El Potrillo referring to the issue he has with the corridos singer Natanael Cano.