Alejandro Fernández spills honey on Instagram after his father’s death

During the last hours, Alejandro Fernandez generated great expectation in Instagram, because he shared several photos in which he appears very happy with the woman he loves the most in his life.

As we have previously reported to you in AmericanPost.News, “El Potrillo” is living one of the most difficult moments of his career and his entire life, due to the unfortunate death of his father, Vicente Fernández.

However, there is a little person who motivates him to keep going and makes him smile every time he is with him. And it is that according to information from the platform portal, this woman brings Don Vicente’s son crazy.

Who is Alejandro Fernández’s love?

It should be noted that it is not about his beautiful girlfriend, the model Karla Laveaga, but someone much younger: his first granddaughter Cayetana Fernández, who is the daughter of his heiress Camila Fernández.

The image immediately caused a sensation and in just a few hours it already has more than 180 thousand Likes, in addition to that it has not stopped receiving comments and expressions of affection from its fans, its daughter Camila and artists such as José Luis Roma, Bárbara de Regil, among others.

“That baby is a blessing”, “The owner of your life” and “That girl is a sweetheart”, were some of the comments that followers and family members made about the tender photographs on Instagram.

Alex Fernández makes fun of his father

Fernandez family

A few days ago, Alex Fernández was harshly criticized on social networks, after commenting on a photo of his father Alejandro Fernández “The cycle of life”, where he remembered Vicente Fernández.

Internet users affirm that his comment was insensitive and out of place, since “El Potrillo” remembered Vicente Fernández with great nostalgia and affection, who lost his life at 81 years of age.

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