Alejandro Sanz plunged into bankruptcy amid swindle by a close friend

Facing the fallout of friendship betrayal, Sanz's Miami mansion is sold amidst frozen assets and an ongoing legal dispute.

A few days ago, Alejandro Sanz set off alarms of concern worldwide after launching a tweet in which he assured that he felt “sad and tired,” and although at the time he did not reveal the reasons for his feelings, a close friend of the Spanish star has revealed that the singer suffered a millionaire swindle.

Jordi Martin gave an interview for the Peruvian program “Amor y Fuego,” where he revealed that Sanz had been swindled by a close friend of his, who has been harassing him to pay him an amount close to 200,000 USD.

After Martin’s statements, speculations have spread that the interpreter of “nuestro amor será leyenda” is in bankruptcy, and that is why he has fallen into a strong depression that is leading him to suicidal thoughts.

Alejandro Sanz is in bankruptcy.

Alejandro Sanz está en banca rota, aseguran que fue estafado y perdió toda su fortuna
Alejandro Sanz is in bankruptcy, and they say he was swindled and lost all his fortune.

Jordi pointed out that in addition to the fact that Sanz has a millionaire debt, his accounts have been frozen, so the artist is going through a very difficult period.

“Alejandro Sanz is going through a bad time. His close friend has tricked him; this person is claiming 200 thousand euros. Alejandro Sanz refuses to pay that amount, and that friend, a former manager, sues Alejandro Sanz in Miami court. Alejandro Sanz’s house in Miami had a mortgage, and he could not pay it, so he had to sell it badly”, said Martin.

Alejandro Sanz was swindled.

As far as it is known, Sanz would have entrusted a person with all his assets since this close friend was supposed to organize a one-and-a-half-year tour in the United States. However, at the end of the tour, there was a conflict, and this alleged friend demanded 200 thousand euros from Alejandro.

But after refusing to pay him the millionaire amount, the friend decided to sue the singer before the court of Miami, so since then, the singer’s accounts have been frozen until the trial is over.

“Alejandro’s house, which was in Miami, had a mortgage, and since the accounts were frozen, he could not pay the high expenses, and he had to sell it with all the pain of his heart because it was his refuge of peace,” concluded Martin. American Post News reported.