Alejandro Sanz’s message for the deep pain after the death of his cousin

Alejandro Sanz shared with his followers a difficult situation that he is going through these days. From his Instagram account, the singer revealed that he suffers deep pain over the death of David, a cousin of his with whom he shared a good part of his childhood. Thus, in his social networks, the Spanish honored him with several photos. “Who knows me knows that for me, my family, my clan, it’s my everything”He wrote in the post.

“It is difficult for me to speak when impotence and grief invade me,” began Sanz. In his most recent post, he dedicated emotional words to his family member and shared a gallery of images in which both are seen at different times in their lives.

“Today the world would be more beautiful and generous if it had kept you with us, your family, your friends and all those who love you unconditionally. Who knows me knows that for me, my family, my clan, it is my everything. And this all is incomplete ”, continued the artist. Then he reflected: “I don’t know if hope has played a trick on us or if it was you, holding on to life with all your strength and heart. That’s why it’s so hard for us to say goodbye to you, David, my cousin. My dear cousin”.

Later, Alejandro highlighted some personal qualities of the man he fired. “A wonderful being with whom everything I shared was good,” he said. “He has been loved and tucked away at all times. Engraving in my memory the last phrase that he said to me: ‘The only thing that matters in life are good people.’ And you, David, have been. I love you and we love you ”, he concluded.

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