Aleks Syntek reconsiders singing reggaeton, despite expressing himself against the genre

There is no doubt that Aleks Syntek is one of the most recognized Mexican singer-songwriters in the Latin industry, however, his hate campaign with reggaeton has cost him severe criticism.

It was in 2017 when Syntek was put in the eye of the hurricane when during an interview with Adela Micha for the program ‘La Saga’ he showed his discontent with the urban genre and said that “it is music that comes from the apes”.

“What happens to people? Why the same rhythm for everyone? Why the same lyrics? Why the same misogyny and vulgarity?” questioned the interpreter of ‘Sex, Shame and Tears’.

Some time later, interviewed by Yordi Rosado, Aleks once again positioned himself against reggaeton, assuring that “not even out of hunger” he would venture into such a genre and in any case “he would prefer to sell peanuts.”

“I’m still on my line. I have not done (any reggaeton collaboration), nor will I do and if I have to sell peanuts, I sell peanuts, but I do not intend to do reggaeton, ”she commented. However, he is now reconsidering his position.

During an interview with the entertainment program ‘Ventaneando’, Syntek said he was willing to venture into reggaeton, if one condition is met: if the lyrics do not have “harmful” content.

“Music in general, for example, with urban music, I don’t know, ‘they’ve lost their legs’. There have been too many songs that talk about explicit sex, very pornographic and that are exposed in places that should not be “, then he clarified that his criticism stems from his responsibility as a father and not as a musician.

“I have always spoken like a father. It is not criticism of artist to artist, I speak as a father and I am very concerned about my children, I think it is important that we take it into account as a society, ”he said about the comments he has previously made against reggaeton, as well as in the case of narcocorridos.

Also, Syntek said that the genre could have “a good message”, such as themes from other styles of music. He even asserted that he has talked with Sebastián Yatra about it, since he supports him and shares his opinion about the lyrics of the songs.

“It is that not all urban music has harmful content, and there are many songs that are beautiful, good, that have a good message, just today I traveled on the plane with Sebastián Yatra, and he was someone who defended me a lot when I talked about that topic , and he got it right. He said it many times: ‘Syntek is right in the case that music that is not suitable for children should not be exposed in places for children,’” the singer recalled.

Finally, given the reasons that in the sequel to the film ‘Sex, Shame and Tears’ it is now Alejandra Guzmán who gives her voice to the main theme, Aleks Syntek commented:

“In the year 1999, when it was the original film of ‘Sexo, modesty and tears’, the director asked me for the song so that Alejandra Guzmán would sing it, and I composed it thinking that she was going to sing it, at the time of the time he really liked how I sang it and decided that I should sing it, and it was one of my greatest successes”, he concluded.

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