Alessandra Rosaldo comes to the defense of Eugenio Derbez after learning that his statue was vandalized

Alessandra Rosaldo and Eugenio Derbez.

Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Alessandra rosaldo has been pronounced after it was revealed that the statue that had been unveiled a few days ago in honor of Eugenio Derbez it would have been vandalized.

It was recently announced that Acapulco had honored the successful career of the actor and comedian, this caused controversy as there were those who demonstrated to agree with this but many other citizens of the port do not share this opinion, since they expressed that the producer was also taking advantage of the fact that his new series bears the name of “Acapulco”.

And it is now that the issue is back in the middle of the hurricane since with the news that the statue has been damaged, it is now that Rosaldo has expressed his feelings with all this delicate situation in an interview for Sale el Sol and has come out to the defense of her husband.

All this they say makes me sad, he did not ask for any statue, never in his life !, that is, he learned about ‘is there a gazebo? What are they talking about?’ … he is totally devoted to his country and everything I’ve done is for Mexico”, She expressed in shock.

Given this, Derbez himself has had to take his Instagram account, where he has sent a message to all the people of Acapulco for the honor they have done him by creating a statue in his honor.

Many thanks to the people of Acapulco for such a beautiful recognition. I feel very honored”, He wrote under the post that at the moment accumulates more than 580 thousand likes.

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