Alessandra Rosaldo responds to rumors about a fight between Vadhir and Eugenio Derbez

The Derbez family has had a difficult few days because Eugenio’s tragic fall has been joined by multiple rumors about his accident, which have begun to go viral on social networks, so Alessandra Rosaldo He has had to come out to clear up the rumours.

A few days ago a rumor began to circulate that Vadhir Derbez fHe was the cause of his father’s injury due to an alleged fight, so family members are already talking about it.

as we told you in American Post Newsnetizens do not believe in the version that Eugenio gave through a live broadcast on his official Instagram account, which has caused several members of the family to go out and talk about the subject and clarify the rumours, this time it is about Alessandra Rosaldo.

Alessandra talks about the alleged fight between Eugenio and Vadhir

Alessandra Rosaldo spoke about the rumor of the fight between Eugenio and Vadhir Derbez

Although José Eduardo Derbez has already denied the alleged fight between his father and his stepbrother, now it is his wife who has come out to give statements about the rumors circulating around Eugenio’s injury.

“Híjole, look, on the one hand it makes us laugh and on the other it makes us sad; On the other hand, it also alarms us, that is, how far are people capable of going? And how sad that the truth is not enough for them, that they always have to be looking, I don’t know what they are looking for, “said the artist.

The 51-year-old singer and actress also explained that these rumors that have been replicated on the internet have had a great impact among her acquaintances as many have called her worried about the family situation.

And we have received alarmed messages from nearby people saying: ‘Is that true? What happened?’ That’s how we found out, because the links are starting to come in,” she commented.

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What happened to Eugenio Derbez?

Through a live on his official Instagram account Eugenio Derbez released the details of his shoulder injury, this after several weeks of remaining silent.

In the same Eugenio explained that he had an accident while playing a virtual reality video game through a viewer, so he could not see where he was going, which caused him to stumble and fall with all his weight on his elbow which caused him a serious injury.

During the video, the actor said that one of his children insisted that he try the viewer, so this could be the origin of Vadhir Derbez’s alleged responsibility.

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